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Which One Do You Need Roof Restoration or Roof Replacement?

Roofs are essential to the protection and integrity of homes. Regular cleaning and maintenance are needed to keep their lifespan long. However, at some point, the performance of your Newcastle roofing will come to an end. When this time comes, you will need to decide between two options: roof restoration or re-roofing. Is your roof looking a bit damaged and worn? Are there any leaks? Your roof might either need to undergo restoration or re-roofing. 

Take note that in roof restoration, the original roof material is left in place. The roof is inspected to pinpoint the problem areas, and then it is resurfaced to prolong its life span. This is a less expensive and invasive method compared to a partial or complete re-roofing. Because it is cheaper than re-roofing, you may immediately be drawn into the idea of restoring your roof instead. However, it is imperative to have a roof inspection done first before it undergoes restoration. Your roof needs to be in decent condition with no prominent decay, leaks, or moisture. Any cracked or missing shingles must also be immediately repaired before restoration.

With roof restoration, you are replacing the old roof material with newer and better products. It could make any worn-out and old roof look brand new again. Newcastle roof restoration experts focus on restoring the aspects of your roof and any issues it may have. This includes plugging up a leak or replacing your shingles and tiles.

Replacement, on the other hand, is another term for roof replacement. It is when you completely remove and replace all the materials on a roof. In some cases, it includes the support structure or roof trusses as well. You should re-roof or have your roof completely removed only when your roof is seriously damaged and cannot be restored. When it has reached the point where replacing tiles or shingles or resurfacing, it just won’t work anymore. Again, have a professional roof inspector see if your only option is complete roof replacement. Usually, roofs that need to be re-roofed are those that are irreparable and have persistent problems that cannot be mitigated anymore. Based on the history and severity of the damage, your roof might need to undergo re-roofing. Take a look at our range of roof repairs Melbourne. If you don’t know which one to opt for, then you’re on the right page. Below is a quick guide on restoration, re-roofing, and the difference between the two.

When to Restore and When to Replace

Roof restoration can seem like a very attractive idea, especially to homeowners who may not have a total roof replacement budget. Unfortunately, a roof restoration is not meant for every roof. It can be carried out on most asphalt and metal roofs, but only if they meet certain criteria first.


To determine if your roof is a good candidate for restoration, a very thorough inspection needs to be done. There should be good documentation of yearly roof maintenance, and the last inspection cannot have been carried out more than six months from the time of the restoration.

The roof needs to be in overall good condition, with no moisture or decay, and with any leaks already permanently dealt with, such as replacing missing or cracked shingles or damaged flashing. A core sample of the deck and the insulation will be needed to determine their condition. There can’t be any moisture in these areas in order for the restoration to take place. Looking for roof restoration Melbourne? Look no further! Top Glaze has you covered.

Roofs that are good candidates for restorations may already have two layers of roofing material in place because stripping and replacing this can be far more costly than stripping one layer or layering one set of shingles on top of another. Because roof restorations add minimal weight to the roof, they can be performed without stripping the shingles, while a replacement with a roof with two layers will require both to be removed first.


Roof Replacement

Roofs that are not good candidates for restoration need to undergo replacement. This means either stripping all of the shingles from the roof before replacing the underlayment and the shingles themselves or it may mean layering on a new set of shingles on top of the first. Any roof that has had a lot of documented problems such as multiple leaks, moss or lichen growth indicating decay, moisture found in the deck or insulation beneath the roof will need to undergo a roof replacement rather than a restoration.

Making the Right Choice

To determine the right choice between the two roofing types, you will need to have a thorough inspection done by a company that can carry out restoration or replacement. This includes core testing as well as determining the overall condition of the roof itself.

Suppose the roof is in good shape, but the shingles are nearing the end of their lifespan. In that case, restoration can be a good way to save money and help defray depreciation over a longer span of time – crucial in office buildings whose roofs are meant to depreciate for 39 years. However, roofs that have underlying problems should always undergo a roof replacement, regardless of the additional cost. Doing so is the best way of helping to make sure that the roof continues to protect your home and lasts for the longest time possible.

The Benefits of Roof Restoration

One of the areas homeowners typically overlook is the restoration of their roof, understandably so because when you’re inside your home, you can’t see it.

Your roof protects your home from the elements (e.g. wind, rain and the sun). Over time, these forces wear down and weaken your roof, making it look discoloured, worn down and possibly doing damage to it as well.

If your roof has seen better days, you’re probably wondering what your options are – should you repair the problems or invest in roof restoration?

Undoubtedly, the roof is an important part of your home and protects you and your family from harsh environmental factors such as heat, cold, wind, storm, and rain. Regular inspections and roof restorations may help keep the roof in good condition, thereby increasing its life while providing you optimal safety. Australian homes are exposed to extreme weather conditions, which makes roof repairs even more important. Here is why you must get your roof inspected and restored regularly.

Reasons why you should consider investing in roof restoration:

Protection against Extreme Weather

Roofs play an important role in providing you protection against harsh weather conditions. They keep you safe from strong winds and destructive storms. Such weather conditions may cause great damage to the roof over time. Besides, a well-maintained roof may help in better insulation of your housekeeping; it cool in summers and warm in winters. Any damage to the roof may make you spend more in maintaining the temperature inside your rooms.

Tip: A regular inspection and maintenance will prepare your roof for extreme weather conditions.

Optimal Safety

A damaged roof can be dangerous for people living in the home. Usually, a little damage to the roof increases into bigger problems if left uncheck and can become a safety issue. So, if you are in Australia, get your roof restored before it causes damage to the other parts of your property as well as people living in it.

Tip: It is always best to get your roof inspected for damages, even if it is not visible.

Reduced Water Damage

Water damage is common due to blocked pipes. Heavy storms and winds can bring dead leaves, dust, and moisture to block the drains and gutters. If regular inspection and cleaning are not done, these draining pipes will not function, leading to the accumulation of water on the roof. The water can easily leak into the ceiling of your home, causing great havoc.

Tip: Get your gutters and pipes cleaned or replaced so that the roof is well prepared for the rains.

Protection from Birds and Animals

A damaged roof may invite birds and animals to live in the cracks. Intruding pests can build their nests and move to other parts of the roof. They may breed and cause great destruction to the roof as you may need to completely replace it. Besides, you may have to spend a great deal of money in exterminating them from your property. The best way to deal with this situation is to call a professional roof restoration company for repairing even minor cracks and damages.

Tip: Go for roof repairs to save money

Improved Aesthetics

There is nothing better than a well-maintained roof when it comes to the aesthetics of your house. Compared to other parts of the house, the roof is more prone to the destruction caused due to external factors. Replacing your roof or restoring its original beauty will increase your roof’s life and improve its aesthetics.

Tip: If you are planning to sell your house, the roof work may increase your property’s value by many times.

In addition to the above benefits of getting your roof repaired and restored, a regular inspection and roof restoration may help you save a lot of money that will be spent on bigger roof repairs. So don’t wait for the damage to show up itself. Get your roofs inspected and restored to enjoy a safe stay with your family.

The Benefits of Replacing Your Roof

Roofing is expensive, and there’s no way around it. If you inherit a new roof, you have the good fortune of doing some preventive maintenance to keep the lifespan of the roof and hopefully avoid costly repairs.

However, if you are like many homeowners and move into an older home, it’s possible the roofing has been neglected for years, if not decades, and replacing the roof entirely is your only real option.

Some homeowners today see a few benefits to roof replacement, and they don’t really want to invest in a new roof until they have no other choice. However, contrary to their beliefs, this home improvement project brings plenty of benefits. Apart from boosting your home’s appearance, it has a huge impact on your living spaces’ overall comfort.

If your roof is more than two decades old or if it has sustained major damage over the years, then now might be the best time to consider a replacement. 

New Roofs Are a Good Investment

Admittedly most homeowners balk at the cost of replacing a roof. It’s not cheap. However, it does provide a good return on investment which is why many folks interested in selling their property decide to replace a roof.

How To Keep Your Roof In Perfect Condition

Estimates traditionally place a quality roofing system ROI at approximately 70 per cent, which is outstanding. For those that are not into economics, it means that you will likely receive about 70 per cent of what you paid for a new roof when it’s time to sell.

Since new roofs spike up home value, according to appraisers, you’re likely going to profit off the investment in the long run.

New roofs have a lifespan of 20 or more years, some even as high as 30 years, with the right maintenance and care. Whether you’re selling or just need to improve the exterior’s structural qualities, new roofs are a fantastic long-term investment.

The Energy Savings are Significant

Energy-efficient homes are all the rage right now, and rightfully so. New homes advertise all the energy savings benefits, and older homes get remodels from homeowners to adjust accordingly.

Energy bills are not going down in cost. So, in addition to many other energy-saving home improvements you can make to a house, your roof is one of them. A professionally installed roofing system from a trusted brand will significantly reduce energy costs. It will also improve the comfortability of the place.

These new “cool” roofing systems have new technologies that enforce heat deflection. It consequently keeps the house cooler and doesn’t require as much energy to control house temperature.

Improved Feeling of Stability

There is a ton of truth to the cliche “having a solid roof over your head”. For anyone that has dealt with leaks or drafty roofs in the past, it is a nightmare.

A roof may be an exterior feature, yet it does everything for your interior too. Good roofs go unnoticed and do their job effectively. Bad roofs ruin the vibe both inside and outside the home. So make sure you don’t underestimate their value.

You will notice that an old roof is far more likely to let warm air escape during the winter months, and cool air enter from the exterior. Do you want your family to suffer in miserable conditions all winter, especially on the upper floor of a home?

Ensures Long Term Safety

In addition to the discomfort of living under an old roof where controlled temperatures escape and unwelcomed drafts and water enter — roofs also need to be safe.

Old roofs that are close to the end of their lifespan can legitimately present some possible safety hazards. An example is a mould or mildew that compromises the interior. The bacteria is harmful to your health, especially to little children.

Then there’s the fear of having a collapse in the event of a thunderstorm, heavy snowfall, or high winds. Ultimately, it’s hard to have peace of mind when a roof is in such poor condition.

Improves Your Curb Appeal

The ROI that a new roof presents as an investment also significantly impacts the all-important “curb appeal”. Whether you are selling or plan to stay for a while, a good curb appeal matters.

Curb appeal is tremendously important when you’re showing the home to prospective buyers—additionally, your neighbours like someone that takes pride and care in their yard and surrounding exterior.

So it helps improve not only your home value but the property value around your home.

You’re Set With A Guaranty

New systems that are installed with reputable roofers should come with a very stable warranty. It is not too much to ask for considering the amount of money you spend upfront for the replacement, so having a sound warranty definitely provides peace of mind.

Check with different manufacturers and installers in the area to gauge what they’re willing to do for you. Warranties are one way that you can use a costly new replacement to your advantage in order to make sure they give you business. So feel free to try and barter here a little. Take a look at our range of roof repairs Melbourne.

It Provides a Fresh Look

Though most homeowners tend to associate repainting the siding and trim as the primary method for substantially giving the facade a facelift, a roof can actually have as much of an upgrade as new paint.

While you are at it, you may want to consider other roof enhancements. For example, are you a lover of natural light? What better time than now to install a skylight while you are in the process of ripping up old shingles.

New roofs also add value in that they got technologies built into them that did not exist decades ago when the last roof was likely installed. It can include practical additions like technology that blocks heat better from entering the structure, and subsequently, your interior.


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