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When to Restore Your Roof Rather Than Replace It?

If you are trying to determine if you need roof restoration services or replace your roof, the best thing you can do is to hire a professional. Only a professional roofer can truly determine the best course of action for your roof. A professional roofer has the experience, skill, and knowledge needed to make the correct assessment. To determine whether your roof needs to be replaced or repaired, there are several things that the roofer will consider.

One of the things that you need to keep in mind is that no two roofs are alike. Some professionals would say that if at least 30% of the top is damaged, then it needs to be replaced already. If your roof has been damaged by a storm or a tornado, then you probably need to have it replaced already. Only a professional can assess the damage to a roof. Sometimes, damages are not readily visible.

You will only know if your roof has damage when it rains and when it starts to leak in your home. This is why it is also important to have your roof checked regularly for damages. Prevention is still better than cure, and it is better to be safe than sorry. Don’t wait for the problem to get big before you take action. You also need to consider the material used for the roofing. Some materials last longer than others. Design is also a factor when it comes to the longevity of a roof. Poor installation practices can shorten the life of a roof.

If your ceiling and walls already have moisture, then that is a clear sign that you need to replace your roof already. Sometimes, people choose repair over replacement to save money. But delaying replacement can cost you more money in the long run. The roof is a very important part of your house. You need to make sure that it is always in good condition. Looking for roof restoration Melbourne? Look no further! Top Glaze has you covered.

Why Should You Consider Restoring Your Roof?

As the first line of protection against intense heat and cold and elements like snow: a roof is as essential as it is vulnerable. When the structure’s age, visible damage, and leaks start to manifest, it’s time to consider restoring or replacing your property’s roof.

What Are The Benefits Of Hiring A Professional Roofer

But why substitute when you can restore? When you are facing problems with your rooftop, replacement is not your only option. Roof restoration is an excellent option to make your rooftop look magnificent and new again. So, you must understand the meaning of roof restoration and why you should consider restoring your rooftop.

Improves Your Home Appeal

A home appeal is one of the primary reasons why most homeowners opt for roof restoration. With time the rooftop fades, rust, and wears, making it lose that shining look. When you notice such effects are occurring on your rooftops, you don’t have to replace them. Performing roof restoration will improve the entire appearance of your home.

Restoration Is Cost-Effective Than Complete Roof Replacement

Let’s face it; replacing your roof is a considerable investment. Labour costs and the cost of materials are substantial. Restoring your rooftop, on the other hand, demands less labour and materials. With the cost savings, you can enhance other different sections of your home. Cost-saving is a significant benefit, more so when your budget is low. 

Increases Your House Value

It may reach a time when you decide to list your house for auction in the market. Your property’s appearance will significantly determine the price and how appealing it will be to potential buyers. Prospects who find a rooftop requiring repair most likely do not buy the house since the worn-out roof lowers its attractiveness.   

One way you can make your property more attractive is by enhancing the appearance of the roof. Performing roof restoration will make the rooftop appear newer and thus attract potential buyers. With some simple touches on the roof, your property listing price elevates. Check out our range of roof restoration services here.

More Sustainable 

Numerous piles of roofing waste reach landfills every year. Restoration is a much more ecologically friendly option since it allows you to recycle your existing roof.

Frequently, a roof replacement demands new sheathing and tiles. This process produces a lot of waste that ends up polluting the environment. However, roof restorations do not incorporate the sheathing, only the roofing materials.

Take Less Time

Replacing your roof is very inconvenient. You will have to leave the house for some time until the replacement work is done. However, roof restoration takes less time, and you will not suffer lengthy disruptions as roofers perform their job.

It Helps Avert Catastrophic Loss

Disregarding the reality that your roof is worsening does not make the trouble go away. The more time elapses, the more serious the potential damage and the cost needed to restore it.

Restoration Increases Your Roof’s Lifespan

Another good reason to opt for a rooftop restoration is that it will extend your roof’s life. Commercial rooftops generally last for approximately 20 years. When you carry out roof restoration, you can add 5 to 10 years to your roof’s life.

Restoration Offers Tax Benefits

Roof restoration is categorised as a maintenance expense, while roof replacement is classified as capital expenditure. In many instances, you will pay a lower tax on upkeep by taking the current reduction versus capitalizing the cost and recovering the expense through depreciation. 

According to government rules, roofs depreciate after a 39-year schedule. Thus, since rooftops have a lifespan of 20 years, it’s prudent to prolong your roof’s functional life for as long as you possibly can.

How Much Does Roof Restoration Cost?

Expect to pay $15 to $35 per square metre for the cost of roof restoration. However, the price may increase depending on your requirements. Consider a 150m2 roof tile restoration, it may cost from $4,700 to $6,300. Prices vary depending on the amount of roof maintenance required, area, and location.

In most cases, roof replacement is not the best solution. Another option is restoration if you notice a few signs of damage or mould build up on your tiled roof. This involves cleaning, repainting and replacing broken tiles to improve the longevity of the structure.

Replacing a few tiles affected by damage may cost more than simply cleaning the entire roofing structure. Always request accurate quotations from local roof restoration specialists to know what to expect.

How Much Do Roof Restoration Experts Cost?

Roof restoration professionals have varied rates in terms of labour. The difference in labour pricing is caused by market changes, your location and the industry experience of your Tradie.

On an hourly basis, roofing experts charge around $40 to $90 based on the type of roofing and difficulty of the job. It is important to clarify service costs with your prospective Tradie and the number of hours required for the job.

Note: Many companies offer standing pricing on a square metre basis. 

Factors That Influence the Cost of Roof Restoration

Access difficulties and scope of work are a few of the common factors that determine roof restoration prices. Read the following aspects to help you define your requirements and allocate your roofing expenses. We have a wide range of Melbourne roof replacement services at Top Glaze.

Roof Condition

The condition of your roof is the primary factor that affects your roof restoration cost. Your local roofing specialist will inspect your roof to see the level of detailed work to perform. Restoration jobs that demand structural amendments attract increased costs.

Is cleaning required to remove algae, debris or moulds which may weaken the durability of your roof? Does it need repainting? Are the gutters in good condition? Will there be access difficulties? Prices may alter based on these concerns.

Bedding and Pointing

The type of bedding and pointing you will use also adds to your expenses. The price of basic mortar bedding may differ from polymer bedding. Likewise, the cost of repointing roof ridge tiles may vary from the standard labour rate of repointing metal roofs.

Roof Type

Metal roof restoration jobs may require a different process unlike with tiled roofs. Age-old metal roofs may need to be resealed or repainted to resolve aesthetic concerns. In some cases, replacing the entire sheet is necessary to avoid further leaks or damage.

Colorbond roof sheets cost anywhere between $13 to $37 depending on the type.

On the other hand, Tile roof restorations involve repointing and replacing cracked tiles that show signs of structural issues. New installations can have an impact on the cost of roof restoration. Expect to pay around $3 to $5 per tile.

Additional Charges

In some cases, large repairs are required to restore the look and functionality of your roof. This may mean spending extra for labour and materials. Replacement jobs also influence the cost of roof restoration services.

7 Roof Repair Tips for Homeowners

Roof repair is not necessarily something most homeowners want to tackle on a DIY basis, but for smaller repairs and for those with at least basic construction and roofing experience, there are times when a quick do-it-yourself roof repair task makes sense. Top Glaze has the best range of help if you’re looking for Melbourne roof repairs.

For speed, effectiveness, and safety, it pays to be aware of the following 7 roof repair tips:

Always Use Matching Shingles

You may only need to replace a few shingles and think that an exact match in color, style, and brand won’t matter. Think again. Even slight differences in shingle type are often quite noticeable from a distance. An exact match is key if you want to maintain “curb appeal” and not hurt your property value.

Wear Rubber-soled Shoes On Roof Tops

If you are agile enough to keep your balance on a rooftop to make roof repairs, be sure you are dressed for the occasion. Long pants (preferably jeans) and a long-sleeved shirt are recommended. But the most important thing is to wear rubber-soled shoes that will grip the roof – poor traction can lead to dangerous slips and slides.

Do What You Can To Salvage Shingles

Sometimes, you can save old shingles and avoid buying new ones or ending up in a situation where you can’t match the shingles because the product has been discontinued. You can use roofing cement, along with roofing nails, to keep curled-up shingles down. And if they are brittle, you can often soften them with a heat gun so they won’t break when you push them to the roof.

Know When To Replace VS Repair

If only isolated areas of your roof are damaged, you can do a quick roof repair job. But don’t waste time and money repairing what needs to be replaced. There are many ways to tell the difference, including shingles that look bare, gutters full of shingle dust, shingles that easily break or are curled up and won’t come back down, and the mere fact of age and an expired manufacturer’s warranty.

Pay Close Attention To Flashing & Vents

If flashing is loose or has gaps around it, it has to be secured to the roof with nails and/or roof cement. Even if the caulk is in place but is cracked, it can let leaks in. Don’t fail to seal around vents, flashing, and chimneys to avoid a costly roof leak!

Don’t Leave Nail Heads Exposed

First of all, use aluminium or galvanised steel nails that won’t easily rust. But also be sure to keep all nails underneath the shingle just above the shingle that they are in. When that can’t be done, make sure you put caulk or roof sealant over the nail heads.

Know When It’s Time To Call The Pros

Prudence is the better part of valour, and biting off more than you can chew is never heroic. When you don’t know how to fix a roof problem, don’t have the time or skill to do it, or don’t feel safe doing it – don’t hesitate to call in the professionals


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