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What to Look for in a Licensed Roofing Company in Melbourne


So, your roof needs a little love, but Google has given you a plethora of options when it comes to choosing a roofing company. How do you know who to choose? What factors determine quality of work and value for money? And what is the easiest way to weed out the pretenders from the seasoned professionals? In this blog, we will help you to distinguish what you should be looking out for when choosing a company to restore your roof.

Licenses – Perhaps the first thing to look at are the licenses and registrations carried by a roofing company. Australia has one of the most tightly regulated building industries in the world and roofing is no exception. The Building Code of Australia (BCA) was established fairly recently in 1988 and covers all aspects of building controlled by the local government, including structure, fire resistance and access. These are all very important in regard to roofing.

Roofers in Australia must complete a certificate program and apprenticeship to become qualified under their state’s building authority. In Victoria, this is the Victorian Building Authority (VBA). A professional roofing company will also be a member of a relevant industry association or associations that strive for full compliance and safety regulations within that industry, such as the Home Industry Association (HIA) or the Master Builders Association (MBA).

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Quality of work – The next thing to look for is a professional website and social media channels that show off a company’s body of work. It is important to be able to view the workmanship of the company and, in the age of the internet, it is easier than ever. Websites such as Google and Product Review also allow you to see what other customers thought about their experiences with the roofing company that you are researching. Industry awards can also give you an indication of a company’s professionalism, service, and workmanship.

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Experience – According to a study from the University of Technology in Sydney, it is estimated that one in three new small businesses in Australia fail in their first year of operation, two out of four by the end of the second year, and three out of four by the fifth year. Based on these odds, it is often a good indicator of a businesses quality if they have been in operation for a long time. If a small business has been able to expand its operations also, then they are probably doing something right. As for the experience of the roofers themselves, a good roofing company will have a good mix of experienced roofers and up and coming apprentices learning their way in the industry.

Price – The last point is price. Price is often the first thing that many customers look for – particularly during a cost of living crisis like the one we are currently going through now – however, what customers must try to understand is that you almost always get what you pay for in the roofing industry. Many underqualified or even completely unqualified handymen try their hand at roofing, conduct dodgy work at less than half the price of the professionals and leave customers back at square one. It is always best to have an experienced estimator from a professional company come out to assess your roof and provide you with a quote tailored specifically to your needs.

So, to recap, make sure the company that you are hiring is licensed to conduct the work required, they have a mix of experienced roofers and strong, hard working and enthusiastic apprentices, their quality of work is highlighted and highly rated via their online channels and their customers who left online reviews and recommendations and that their prices match the quality of the job you are expecting. Quality roofing companies like Top Glaze will also offer warranties on their workmanship and products.

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Top Glaze Roofing Systems® are a licensed and experienced roofing company that have been servicing Melbourne and its surrounding suburbs since 1987. To organise a professional assessor to come out and provide a free no obligation roof report and quote for all your roofing needs, call 1800 88 77 98 anytime.


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