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What to Consider Before Investing in Repair or Replacement for Your Roof?

Roof repair versus replace. When to choose one over the other? Of course, when your roof is leaking, you know that you need to do something about it. But should you repair your roof or should you just replace it completely.

The answer to this question is not straightforward. There are many things to consider. This article will help you decide whether it is enough to simply fix the damage to your roof or if you need to get a completely new one.

Making good decisions is the key to minimizing near- and long-term costs related to any home improvement.

This is especially true for large, complex jobs like reroofing. In this particular case, some of the most important decisions should be made before hiring a contractor or choosing a shingle manufacturer.

The first decision is whether to simply patch leaks and damaged areas or whether partial or complete reroofing is in order. If you choose the latter, you’ll also have to decide whether to roof over your existing roof or whether to remove it.

There are cost consequences either way.

If you think that your roof was installed to last forever, think again!

The sad truth is that over time. Your roof will deteriorate from the wear and tear of the elements. Debris, wind, rain, and sun over the years work together to wear down your roof, eventually requiring repair or replacement. But when is the right time to do Roof Restoration Services? When are minor repairs sufficient to save on cost?

It is not always a simple decision. If you reroof your house before you have enjoyed your roof’s maximum lifespan, you will waste money.

On the other hand, putting off roof repairs can cost you more money in the long run. This post will explore several factors that will help homeowners decide whether a roof replacement or repair is necessary. Read on to learn more so you can make an informed decision. Top Glaze has the best range of help if you’re looking for Roof Repairs Melbourne.

Repairing Your Roof 

From high winds and severe storms to fallen tree limbs, there are several ways that your roof can sustain minor damage. In many instances, roofing repairs can restore your roof—and save you money. 

Before you decide that repairing your roof is the right solution, it’s important to schedule an inspection with an experienced roofing expert to determine whether replacing a few shingles or patching an area of your roof will extend its lifespan without causing further damage. A roofing professional will inspect the exterior of your roof as well as interior decking boards to check for moisture damage. 

It’s important to keep in mind that roof repairs may not be as aesthetically appealing as a full roof replacement since it’s difficult to match new shingles with older shingles that have been exposed to the elements for several years. Although replacing a few shingles might not be noticeable, a large patch likely won’t blend in with your existing roof. 

Replacing Your Roof 

Although a roof replacement will cost more upfront, it will save you money in the long run—and guarantee that you have a durable, attractive roof that lasts for decades. During an inspection, a roofing expert may recommend a complete replacement if your roof is over 20 years old or they detect: 

When replacing your roof, you’ll also have the opportunity to upgrade the materials to improve your home’s style and energy efficiency while increasing the longevity of your roof. Be sure to speak with a roofing professional to determine the best type of roofing material to ensure that your home is protected from future damage. 

Common Roofing Material Choices

What Are The Benefits Of Hiring A Professional Roofer

For residences, the five most common roofing material options are asphalt, metal, slate, tile, and wood. Each of these materials can be either repaired or replaced when damage occurs, but their individual characteristics and life expectancy will play a huge role in which is the most cost-effective route for you!

  • Asphalt Shingles are easily the most popular roofing material choice in the nation. While cheap, dependable, and easy to install, asphalt shingles are also one of the least durable options on the market.
  • Wood Roofing is not near as popular as it once was. Though its aesthetic appearance is second to none, wood roofing materials are more expensive than asphalt and require more maintenance than most other roofing materials.
  • Metal Roofing is gaining popularity as a roofing material. Though older metal roofing was rightfully accused of being noisy during rain showers, subject to rust, and a poor insulator, today’s metal roofing provides homeowners with an excellent balance of affordability and durability.
  • Tile Roofing is extremely popular in certain areas of the country. Very expensive and very durable, tile roofing is an investment that will not only make your home more attractive but raise its value, as well.
  • Slate Roofing is pretty much the alpha and omega of roofing material options. When it comes to durability, nothing can match it; its appearance isn’t for everyone and the whole it has been known to last for more than 100 years. Its incredibly high price tag makes slate a material that most homeowners find cost-prohibitive.

Seven Signs That Your Roof May Need Repair or Replacement

The Roof Noticeably Sags Anywhere

This is a clear sign that you should get your roof inspected, even if it is not yet leaking. It is recommended that the immediate investigation because a sagging roof could signal that there’s a structural problem somewhere in the attic, or worse, your home’s foundation supports.

A sagging roof could just be a mistake in the application of right-hand trigonometry when the workman framed out the roof or even natural settling of the structure that happens with wood-frame homes. Sagging may or may not spell out imminent danger, but we feel that it is best for you to get to the underlying cause of the visible problem so you know the issues. Century has local engineers and architects that we can refer to if we think you have structural problems.

You are Missing Entire Shingles

Repairing or replacing roof sections that come loose is usually easy. But the new shingles will not necessarily match the colour of the older, faded shingles. If you do not want your roof looking like a checkerboard, consider a roof replacement.

Often times, roofers will recommend installing additional layers of roofing over the existing. This practice leaves the top layer vulnerable to the wind blow off due to poor attachment. When we see roofs that have full missing shingles, the first thing that we investigate is if there are more than one layer of shingles on the roof.

Your Roof Is 25 Years Old

The National Home Inspectors Association pegs the normal lifespan of a roof at somewhere between 20 to 30 years. If your roof is nearing the 25-year mark, you need an inspection to get a proper assessment about whether you should consider having a new roof replacement.

This is even if everything looks okay on the outside.

Leaks can often times take years to bleed through to the interior sheetrock and alert you that there is a problem. More costly damage can already be done by that time, and additional money will need to spent on potential re-framing and or interior repair.

Check out our roof replacement Melbourne services.

You Have Cracked Shingles

Cracked shingles are usually a sign that the roof is near the end of its useful life.

Cracking shingles need to be repaired as the cracks can allow water to travel between the shingles. Sometimes, surface cracks can appear on newer asphalt shingle roofs.

It is wise to have us remove a couple of samples and send them to the manufacturer for further analysis before the warranty triggers down to no longer cover the labour for replacement. If you see cracks on your roof shingles, it is time to inspect the whole roofing system to get a true sense of its condition and cause.

The Roof is Covered with Algae and Moss

Old roofs collect debris that can provide a home for algae, mould and moss. The presence of lichen on a roof is a natural occurrence. Typically lichen is more prevalent on the roof areas that receive less sun, such as the east and north-facing sides.

Some roofs can safely have this lichen removed, some roof types would get damaged or discoloured when removing lichen.

We always recommend consulting with the material manufacturer to determine if the roof can be safely cleaned. Tile roofs can be safely power washed, but it is not advised to power wash an asphalt shingle roof.

Keeping the roof clear helps to avoid the growth of lichen and it improves the water drainage across the surface of the roof. Also, some new roofing materials have anti-algae properties that keep away the green stuff and keep your roof looking good as new.

The anti-algae feature built into modern-day shingles is usually warranted from manufactures for the first 10-year life of the roof.

But eventually, like everything, Mother Nature takes its course. At least the anti-algae feature defers the possibility of any unsightly discolouration on your roof.

There are Granules in your Gutters

Granules are the stubbly material on asphalt shingles that protect the shingle’s asphalt core from the sun’s damaging rays. A new asphalt roof installation shedding some granules is normal, but if your roof is more than 10 years old, it’s a serious problem. Granules keep the sun’s rays away from your home; without it, shingle deterioration is accelerated.

You Can See Curling Shingles

Weathering issues with your roof shingles usually present themselves as curling, and there are two kinds. Curling in the middle of the shingle (called clawing), or on the edges (called cupping). The appearance of curling indicates that the shingles are close to developing leaks, due to water being able to run backwards up under the shingle, which could lead to bigger problems down the road.

Reasons Why You Should Hire a Professional Roofer

We live in a world ruled by DIY arrangements and independent approaches – which isn’t exactly a bad thing. As a busy homeowner, there are some things that you want to accomplish by yourself due to time and availability restraints.

But when it comes to your major home improvements, it is true that you shouldn’t go for just anything. When you have major projects at home, hire a professional roofing contractor because:


A professional roofing contractor has depth in both theory and practical application. Meaning they are well-trained and have proven their expertise through actual contracting services. I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t want to make use of your roofing system as a testing field for your DIY installation.

No amount of research, reading, and watching YouTube how-to videos will equate to the knowledge and skills of an expert. Take a look at our range of Roof Repair Services.


One important reason why you should consider hiring a professional team is to ensure not just your safety as the homeowner, but the safety of your home too. Don’t try to put yourself in a situation that can injure or harm you, like climbing a ladder to repair your roof on your own. Tons of accidents involve a ladder every year.


An expert team can definitely finish the roof in a relatively shorter time span than amateurs can.

By leaving the work to a professional too, you’ll have more time to spend on your office work, with loved ones, or to simply relax at home.

Warranty and Insurance

Here at Garlock-French Corporation, our crew members are insured so we can guarantee that you won’t be liable in case of any untoward incident during the project. Our expert contractors are also factory-trained by the manufacturers of the products we use.

So in case anything goes wrong with the products, you can be sure that it can readily and quickly be solved.

Quality Work

Quality service and outstanding installation. While you are probably enthusiastic about home repairs and DIY projects, we recommend that you put your trust in the hands of our skilled roofers to ensure value and outstanding service.

These may only be some of the reasons why we greatly recommend hiring a professional. It will definitely make your life easier, and it will give you more time for other more important matters. Call us today and let us know how you want your project done, we will be happy to be of service.


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