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What Are the Things You Should Know Before Hiring a Roofing Contractor?

A new roof is not a cheap investment, and shopping for a new one can be intimidating. The roof is the single most important element of your home for protecting you from the elements.

When you’re putting the security of your roof in the hands of contractors, there are a few steps you should follow to ensure you’re making the right choice.

Choosing local roofing is important because only local contractors will understand the best roofs that can handle the harsh weather conditions.

Considering the extreme cold, heavy snow and the humid summers we experience, having a roof that can keep your building protected is a must.

In addition, choosing a local roofer benefits the local economy. Looking for a roof replacement? Check out Top Glaze for a wide range of roof services. 

When hiring a roofing contractor, you’ve probably noticed that there’s a lot of competition to choose from.

It’s important to select the right contractor from the masses who will do flawless work on your home for the best value.

Your contractor should meet all the necessary requirements to perform the installation or repairs for your roof. To hire the perfect contractor, refer to this checklist.

Your roofing contractor should be:

  • Local
  • Licensed in your state
  • Certified to work with the materials for your project
  • Reviewed positively by customers
  • Insured with workman’s and general liability insurance
  • Able to guarantee their work
  • Willing to provide written estimates

The importance of hiring a good roofing contractor can not be understated. A roof is integral to the structure and foundation of a house. Not only is it the highest part of a house, but it likewise protects the rest of your home from the outside elements.

There are three key components to a roof: the covering that keeps your house dry, the structure that supports the covering and keeps the shape of the roof, and the connections between the roof structure and walls.

As you can see, your roof is important, which is why it is equally important to hire a professional, knowledgeable and trustworthy roofing contractor.

Roofing Contractor Checklist

Roof Workers

Here’s a breakdown of the checklist for hiring a roofing contractor outlining why each item is important to you and your roofing job:

They’re Local

Your roofing contractor should already work in your area.

Not only should you support local businesses, but you also want a contractor that won’t have to travel far to the job site and can easily transport materials and tools over a short distance.

This will lower the cost of the job and will make it more likely for your roof to be completed on time with no hassle.

Also, hiring a local contractor means you’ll know who to call for repairs or updates.

The person who installed your roof will be most qualified to fix it, and you won’t want to bring on other contractors who aren’t familiar with the work done by a different company.

They’re Licensed in Your State

Each state has specific standards and requirements for roofs.

A contractor who is properly licensed will be well-versed in these requirements. They will also bring particular knowledge of weather and climate concerns of your area.

All of these will affect the choices they make in working conditions, materials and staffing. Not all states have the same licensing requirements for contractors, so double-check that they are qualified to work on your home. 

They’re Certified for Your Project

Has your roofing contractor done projects like yours before?

Are they certified to work with the materials you want to use? Your contractor should have all the necessary certifications for your roofing job.

A GAF factory qualified roofing installer, for example, is knowledgeable about GAF products and procedures, has the customer approval rating to back it up and is committed to ongoing professional training. 

They Have a Good Reputation

Before hiring a roofing contractor, compare roofing companies in your area to see which rank best with local customers.

Be sure to check all the references they provide and ask if clients are still happy with the work their contractor performed years later.

Remember, if your contractor is already GAF certified, they have high customer satisfaction to have earned the title.

They Are Covered by Insurance

Insurance is crucial. If the roofing company you want to hire doesn’t have insurance, there might be a reason. Insurance is an extra cost for roofing companies, but it provides their customers with peace of mind that they won’t have to foot the bill if something goes wrong on the job.

There are two types of insurance your roofing contractor should have: Workman’s Compensation Insurance and General Liability Insurance.

  • Workman’s Compensation Insurance covers the crew installing your roof. If one of them gets injured and there is no insurance to cover it, you might be liable for their medical expenses.
  • General Liability Insurance covers any accidents on your property. If something were to happen to your home as a result of the company’s work — such as fire, flood or other damage — you would not have to go into debt to pay for it. 

Insurance is there to protect both parties from having to worry about tragic accidents. You can ask to view a company’s certificates of insurance to confirm that a plan exists, rather than take them at their word. Top Glaze has the best range of help if you’re looking for Melbourne roof repairs.

Their Work Is Guaranteed

Any good roofing contractor will be willing to stand behind the quality of their work. Some will have this in writing as a warranty for the products they recommend. They should hold themselves accountable for any mistakes or repairs that are needed because of their work.

You want to hire a roofing contractor who will hold themselves accountable, so you aren’t the one to foot the bill if something is done incorrectly. 

They Provide Written Estimates

A written estimate is a general costs agreement that provides a clear understanding between you and your roofer. It is used as a guide throughout the roofing installation process to assess and track costs of removing and disposal of the old roof, materials and labour for installing the new one.

Written estimates function as a tacit agreement and help keep expectations in line. A contractor who provides this service is going to be upfront with their quote and manage your expectations.

What Else to Ask a Roofer before Hiring

Roofing contractors must follow state guidelines to offer services. You want to verify that they follow the law and will work to ensure satisfactory completion of your project. Ask these questions and follow up on the answers:

  • What is your legal business name and address?
  • Do you hold a current license as a roofing contractor?
  • Which types of insurance do you have, and how much coverage do you carry?
  • Are you bonded?
  • Will you provide at least three references for my research?
  • What warranties do your preferred manufacturers have?
  • What are the rules on filing a warranty claim?
  • Do you guarantee your work?*
  • Will you perform roofing repair or maintenance?
  • How will you protect your workers’ safety while on my property?
  • What steps will you take to avoid damaging my home or property during an installation?
  • How will you ensure the project is completed on time?

* Some contractors don’t offer guarantees. They could still be a reasonable choice, but you want to know their limits before hiring them.

Do’s and Don’ts of Hiring a Roofing Contractor

The importance of hiring a good roofing contractor can not be understated. A roof is integral to the structure and foundation of a house. Not only is it the highest part of a house, but it likewise protects the rest of your home from the outside elements.

There are three key components to a roof: the covering that keeps your house dry, the structure that supports the covering and keeps the shape of the roof, and the connections between the roof structure and walls.

As you can see, your roof is important, which is why it is equally important to hire a professional, knowledgeable and trustworthy roofing contractor.

The purpose of this article is to highlight the dos and don’ts of hiring a professional roofing contractor, so you know what to look out for the next time your roof needs replacing.

Top Glaze has a wide range of Melbourne roof restoration services. 

Do Ask Your Friends and Family for Recommendations 

Knowing where to begin when hiring a roofing contractor can be overwhelming.

That is why it is a good idea to start by asking your friends and family for recommendations. You can also reach out to your neighbours and the local community.

You are bound to find someone who has recently had work done on their roof and who can offer you a recommendation based on the roofing contractor they used (providing they were happy with the work).

Do Try and Hire a Roofing Contractor in Your Local Area

Hiring a roofing contractor from your local area is wise for a few reasons. Not only are you helping out local businesses, but consider you have an urgent leak or problem with your roof that needs fixing right away.

If you used a contractor from out of town, it is highly unlikely they will be able to come and fix the problem in a timely manner. However, when you hire a local roofing contractor, they should be able to immediately (or at least quickly) come to your aid. 

Do check with the BBB (Better Business Bureau)

The BBB is the go-to website for checking a contractor’s reputation. The BBB website offers details such as contact information, place of address and how long the company has been in business.

Do Ask for References and Examples of Past Roofing Work

References are vital when hiring a roofing contractor.

If a contractor is unable to provide you with any references, be very wary. Likewise, if a contractor cannot show you samples of his or her work, be cautious.

These days, many roofing contractors will have samples of their work online, and if they do not, you can request some sample images via email.

Don’t Hire the First Contractor You Find 

It is advisable you speak to at least three roofing contractors before making a decision.

When you rush to hire a roofing contractor, you are at a greater risk of being scammed or receiving poor quality workmanship.

When comparing contractors, consider the following: years of experience, warranty, materials, labour, costs and fees.

Don’t Be Shy – Ask Plenty of Questions.

Before hiring a roofing contractor, it is important you ask a lot of questions.

A professional and trustworthy contractor will be more than happy to provide you with answers. If you find a roofing contractor showing hesitation or impatience, it may be unwise to move forward with them.

Example questions could include: Do you have a website? Can I see your license and insurance information? Do you have regular sub-contractors who work for you? 

Don’t Hire a Contractor Based on Just Price.

While low-bids are appealing, they may be a sign that the contractor either offers poor workmanship, materials, or both. Generally, roofing scammers claim to have the best and most competitive price when, in reality, they are trying to attract clients who will do anything to save money.

However, a bad roofing job will cost you infinitely more in the long run than it would have cost to hire a professional and quality roofing contractor from the start.

Also, do not confuse a low bid with getting a good deal.

There are many quality roofing contractors out there who will provide excellent workmanship and materials and offer a great price. Do your homework and always check references and online reviews.

Don’t Take Their Word for it – Get A Written Estimate

No matter how trustworthy you believe a roofing contractor to be, always get an estimate of the project cost and scope in writing. A written estimate is a form of contract that outlines everything that is involved in the project.

Estimates should include information such as: project start and finish date, materials to be used, costs, guarantee of work and more.


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