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What Are the Benefits of Hiring a Certified Roofer?

Contractor Inspecting Roof

When you hire a professional team for roof installation, you can rest assured that they will be able to provide you with insightful recommendations. From choosing the suitable roofing material for your new roof to picking the perfect brand for your needs, a quality local roofer will be able to guide you through the process. This guidance will be invaluable as you are about to make a significant investment in protecting your home. You want a roof that will last for years to come and one that meets your current budgetary needs.

When you are looking for a roofing contractor, pay attention to how much listening they do. Do they take the time to truly understand your needs? Are they interested in your input, or are they simply pushing a sale on you? A professional roofing company will want to spend the time needed to ensure the roof you end up with is the roof you want. Even the highest-quality materials will only be as good as the installation process. If you purchase an excellent roofing system but entrust it to the hands of amateurs, you can wind up with a subpar roof. Not only will poor installation methods or a hurried job lead to major issues down the road, but you can also actually wind up voiding any warranties on the products you purchased.

Always talk to a roofing company about what steps they take to ensure warranty standards are met during their installation process. Avoid hiring roofers who are not part of a well-established business, which holds them to industry standards. Your roofing contractor should be licensed, insured, and well-versed in warranty requirements. Here at Brett Hayse Exterior Specialists, not only do we work to meet warranty standards by the companies we purchase products from, but we also stand behind our work with our lifetime labour and material guarantee.

When a roofing team comes to your house to install a new roof, they will be affecting more than just the shingles they place. A professional roofing team should work to ensure your home is protected from any damage while they install your new roof. They should take into consideration your landscaping and ensure that nothing is harmed while they are at work. Mishandling the tear-off of existing roofing materials can lead to damage to the actual roofing structure as well.

A professional roofing company should be able to explain to you what precautions they take to ensure the protection of your entire property during installation. Check out our roof replacement Melbourne services.

Why Do You Need Roof Inspection?

A roof inspection is quite important – be it from the buyer’s side or the owner’s.

Knowing the condition of the roof should be a major consideration before buying a home. The roof is one of the most expensive elements of a home, and unsuspected roof problems could catch you off guard, costing you thousands of dollars. The expense from consequential damage is often much greater than the cost to fix the roof.

Insist on a roof certification and detailed roof inspection prior to the close of escrow so that you can negotiate with the home seller to provide any necessary repairs.

In short, you must examine the roof condition when buying a new home or building. Make sure you get the roof professionally inspected. Take a look at the roof inspection report by a professional before making a final deal. If you are selling your home, roof inspection becomes important to you as well.

Roof inspection helps you understand the condition of your roof and when it may require minor repairs or a full replacement.

When Should You Get a Roof Inspection?

It is recommended to get a roof inspection once every three years; this can help in making both your house and roof last longer. For homes that are older (over 30 years), roof inspections are recommended frequently. Remember, the average age of a roof is 20 years. If you live in places with extreme weather, a roof inspection can be recommended every other year.

How To Fix A Sagging Roof 1

It allows you to detect small issues before they escalate into a huge problem, which can cost you thousands of dollars. All certified roof inspectors will pay attention to the following:

  • The exterior and interior appearance of the roof. This helps them detect any physical damage or surface deterioration.
  • Search for cracks or leaks in the roof.
  • The overall state of the fascia, skylights, chimneys, gutters, drains, and vents on the roof.
  • Shingles that have either curled, broken or are simply missing,
  • Finding places which may let water get collected.
  • Flashing points that have been damaged.
  • Cracked Roof Tiles 

Benefits of a Professional Roof Inspection

Your home is typically the biggest investment you make in a lifetime. Proper home maintenance is a necessity if you want to maintain its value and keep your family and belongings safe. One of the biggest pieces of your home is the roof. Too often, it is overlooked because even though you use it daily, you don’t actually see it. Check out our range of roof restoration services here. 

A great way to maintain your roof and maximise its longevity is through a professional roof inspection. The best roofing contractors offer home roof inspections free to homeowners. Here are the enefits of roof inspections:

Find Water Damage

A roofer will check your roof for shingle condition, flashing installation, soft spots, and leaks. In addition, they should review the interior of your roofing system. Roofing contractors check your attic for the right insulation, ventilation set-up, leaks, mildew, and mould. Water damage usually begins long before you see a wet spot on your ceiling. A professional will be able to catch these leaks before they cause major damage to your home.

Save Money

Since you don’t check your attic or roof regularly, it’s impossible to know when something is wrong without a roof inspection. Professional roofing contractors can make recommendations for minor repairs that help you save money. If damage isn’t repaired quickly, it continues to fester and cause major damage, which can often turn into a full roof replacement.

Simplifies Insurance Claims

Reputable roofing companies provide detailed reports with their findings and recommendations from the inspection. These reports make insurance claims easier to file and receive approval for because they explain the type of damage, what is needed to fix it, and an estimated cost.

Increases the Life of Your Roof

Getting a roof inspection annually can help extend the life of the roof because you are aware of the damage and can make minor repairs as needed. When roof maintenance is pushed to the bottom of your to-do list, it can cause a premature roof replacement. On average, a full roof replacement costs $10,000 and should last 30 years. If you need a roof replacement prior to that, consider adding an inspection to your yearly home maintenance checklist. Top Glaze has a wide range of Melbourne roof restoration services.

Rested Mind

Getting a roof inspection annually gives you peace of mind that you’ve taken the necessary steps to protect your family and your well-being. Even if a roofing contractor finds damage, you will have a plan in place on how to repair it, the cost, and how to maintain it moving forward.

Types of Roof Inspection and What’s Right For You

Different types of roofs will need different kinds of inspection. All roofing materials will not have the same problems that need to be dealt with.

For example, an inspector needs to look for not only rot in wooden shingles but also rust in metal roofs. Fibreglass shingles, on the other hand, are more likely to develop cracks.

Since roofs are directly exposed to climatic changes, the weather also affects the condition of the roof. In particular places, roof inspectors look for blow-offs, tearing and moisture damage to the roof.

When choosing a roof inspector for your house, you need to look for someone who is experienced and knows how to tackle all sorts of problems. You can also opt for an inspector who specialises in your area. The roof inspection cost can also change according to the services required by your roof.

Remember to hire a professional roof inspector and ensure there is regular maintenance – it’s something that can save you significantly over the longer run.

Roof Inspection Costs by Type

The price range of $119 and $308 is typically a flat rate for a standard inspection. That rate may fluctuate depending on the size of your home, the slope of your roof or type of material.

The cost may also vary based on the expertise needed for a given type of roof. Different roofing materials have different issues:

  • Wooden shingles: rot
  • Metal: rust
  • Fibreglass: cracks

The climate of your home will change the inspection as well. More humid climates require an emphasis on moisture damage. Areas with frequent storms, like Florida Kansas, need inspections for blowoffs. It is important to get a roofing inspector experienced with inspections in your specific locale and for your specific type of roof.

Physical Roof Inspection Prices

The most common type of examination ranges between $75 and $200. It involves a certified roofing professional simply taking a ladder and examining the materials and condition in person. Your total price may increase beyond the typical range if the expert also checks out the underside of your roof from the attic.

Drone Roof Inspection Costs

If the space is difficult to access, your contractor can use a drone for a price between $150 and $400. The drone can capture close-up footage of all surface areas for the expert to analyse. Be sure to hire only a pro who is or works with a certified unmanned vehicle (UAV) pilot.

Infrared Roof Inspection Costs

A thermal roof inspection costs between $400 and $600. This approach is typically more expensive than a standard checkup because of the technology involved. Typically, it includes a drone that captures thermal imagery of the surface.

Like a typical drone inspection, this alternative works well for roofs that are difficult to access. It adds a layer of complexity in that the thermal imagery allows for an estimation of where both the surface and the insulation need to be replaced. Especially in colder climates, it can help you optimise your home’s heating in addition to finding leaks.

The pro will not need to physically access the roof or even have to touch the surface to determine its integrity. Instead, infrared rays assess the higher and lower temperatures of different parts of the roof. The footage helps to determine if heat is escaping in some areas more than others, which indicates wear and weakness in that portion of the room.

Commercial Roof Inspection Costs

Most commercial roof inspections range between $200 and $500, but that price can be $1,000+. That higher price is largely because commercial roofs are typically bigger than their residential counterparts.

As a result, many commercial contractors charge by the square foot instead of by the project. Expect a price between $0.05 and $0.10 per square foot, meaning a small 10,000 square foot warehouse will range between $500 and $1,000.

Commercial projects also come with more regulations, like a check for OSHA guidelines. That’s another reason for the higher price.

How Often Do You Need To Get A Roof Inspection?

You keep on top of preventative maintenance for your health, your car, and even your kids’ homework. But what about keeping that literal roof over your head in top shape? Sure, Spring cleaning has you sweeping behind the fridge. Also, winter prep might have you checking to see if the water pipes are in good shape. But when’s the last time you had the roof inspected? Roof maintenance is two-fold: One you can do yourself (if only with a pair of binoculars), but this should be complemented with an expert inspection at routine intervals.

How to Prevent a Leaky Roof (Tips from Roofing Specialists!)

When looking at a roof yourself, keep an eye out for uneven surfaces in the decking and cracked caulking. Are any of the shingles curling, buckling or blistering? Are there even some missing shingles? Look at the rubber part of the pipe vents and see if they look worn down or split open. Any damage to chimney caps should be addressed. And if you notice moss or lichen, that can be a sign of decay. Black algae may seem like a cosmetic fix that doesn’t necessarily need immediate attention. But it’s an excellent food source for moss. It can remove granules from the shingle exposing the asphalt to the sun’s rays.


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