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Solar Power

Save up to 90% off your power bills. Ask us how

Why Choose Top Glaze Solar?

Being Australia’s leading roofing company servicing Melbourne, you have peace of mind knowing your roof will be taken care of during the installation of your solar system.

Australian Achiever Award winners 3 times and winner of the Australian Business Awards for Customer Service.

Why deal with a small solar company when you have the certainty of dealing with the industry leader making sure your installation runs smoothly and efficiently.

A name you can trust servicing the building industry for over 30 years.

Our Products

Hybrid Inverters

Hybrid Inverters

These high quality inverters help control and use stored energy from battery systems and include a backup system regardless of grid power failure. With a user friendly interface you can track and monitor your consumption and production of energy.

Solar Battery

Install our new Solar Batteries on your home or business, these units store your excess energy produced by your Solar System for you to use later on when the sun goes down. We have various sized batteries to suit any storage needs.

Solar Panels

Top Glaze Solar uses only Tier 1 Panel Manufacturers, guaranteeing the highest quality and efficiency of all our systems.

Why Choose Top Glaze Solar?

When the sun shines, the solar panels on your roof turn this sunlight into DC electricity. Your solar panels will start generating power as soon as the early morning sun hits them and continue all day until the last ray of sun disappears in the late afternoon.

The Inverter then transforms the DC electricity produced by the panels into 240V AC electricity, the same sort of electricity as what you get from the grid to power your home.

The electricity from the inverter is fed into your switchboard where it is distributed to all your appliances in your home.

Excess electricity that is not used is fed back into the grid for everyone else to use and you will be paid a Government feed in tariff from your electricity retailer and they will credit your bill for the electricity you supply.

Solar Power Benefits

Reduce your Power bill by up to 100% by making your own power from the sun.

Increase the value of your home.

Available incentives such as feeding in tariffs when excess power is fed back into the main electricity grid, your electricity provider purchases this energy from you.

Government Support – Rebates to assist home owners and businesses in the installation of solar systems.

Get Solar Now And Save, It’s Easy

0% Interest up to 40 Months

  • 25 Year Panel Output Warranty

  • 10 Year Inverter Warranty

  • 10 Year Warranty on Installation

  • All Tier 1 Products