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Save Up To 90% Off Your Power Bills With An Affordable, High-Quality Solar System

Take control of your energy bills with a high-quality solar system. Talk to our experts today and find out how much you could save by making the switch to solar.

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Why Choose Top Glaze ® For Your Solar System?

Products to suit all budgets, FREE no-obligation quote, and award-winning service.

Unbeatable 10 Year

The products & workmanship provided by Top Glaze are 100% guaranteed for 10 years after we install your solar system.

Fully Licensed And Insured Installers

The solar industry is a bit like the wild wild west, there's a lot of cowboys... But not us, our team of installers are fully licensed and insured experts.

Multi Award-Winning Customer Service

Top Glaze has won the Australian Achiever Award winners 3 times and also won the Australian Business Awards for Customer Service.

High-Quality Panels With A 25-Year Output Warranty

We only use solar panels from tier 1 manufacturers that come fully backed with an unbeatable 25-year solar output warranty.

We'll Treat Your Home Like It's Our Own

You'll have the peace of mind of knowing that your roof will be taken care of during the installation of your solar system.

Proudly Servicing Melbourne For Over 30 Years

Top Glaze is a name you can trust. We have over 30 years of experience servicing Melbourne and over 20,000 happy customers since 1987.

4 Reasons Why You Should Consider Making The Switch To Solar In 2020...

  • Save Thousands: Victorian government rebates of up to $2,250 are available to assist homeowners in making the switch to solar
  • Reduce Your Bills: Modern solar systems are up to 3X more efficient at generating electricity than ones from just 5 years ago, and can reduce your power bills by as much as 100%
  • Feed-In Tariff: Your solar system can actually earn you a credit on your power bills for any unused electricity that the system sends back to the power grid. It's usually a set rate per kilowatt-hour and paid as a credit on electricity bills.
  • Smart Investment: Your solar system won't just save you money, it will also increase the value of your home for many years to come
High-Quality Solar System in Melbourne - Top Glaze Roofing

Take Control Of Your Energy Bills With A High-Quality, Affordable Solar System

When the sun shines, the solar panels on your roof turn this sunlight into electricity. Your solar panels will start generating power as soon as the early morning sun hits them and continue all day until the last ray of sun disappears in the late afternoon.

High-Quality Solar System in Melbourne - Top Glaze Roofing

Top Glaze Solar uses only Tier 1 panel manufacturers, guaranteeing you get the highest quality products and efficiency out of all our systems.

High-Quality Solar System in Melbourne - Top Glaze Roofing

Install our new Solar Batteries on your home or business, these units store your excess energy produced by your Solar System for you to use later on when the sun goes down. We have various sized batteries to suit any storage needs.

High-Quality Solar System in Melbourne - Top Glaze Roofing

These high-quality inverters help control and use stored energy from battery systems and include a backup system regardless of grid power failure. With a user-friendly interface you can easily track and monitor your consumption and production of energy.

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