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Solar Glaze®: Top Glaze Roofing’s Own Patented Roof Coating


Top Glaze Roofing Systems has been at the forefront of research & development within the roofing industry since 1987. Prior to the late 80’s, old roofs simply had to be replaced with new roofs, but new companies and advancements in technology and safety were beginning to emerge. Over the past 37 years, Top Glaze has been restoring new roofs and changing the industry in Melbourne by innovating new products and services. One such product is our patented Solar Glaze® polymer coating.

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Solar Glaze® is a high-performance, nanotechnology-modified acrylic roof coating developed specifically to provide excellent resistance to UV exposure. This helps to keep your roof cooler in the summer, saving you money on your energy bills. The polymer resin contains acrylic nanoparticles that aid in deflecting dirt particles and keeping your roof cleaner for longer. The self-cleaning properties of Solar Glaze® also make it excellent for resisting bacteria, moss, and lichen.

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Solar Glaze® is a water-based coating solution, which touch dries within an hour, can be ready for a second coat in as little as four hours, and is completely dry and ready to protect your roof within 24 hours. It is also 100% waterproof, suitable for the collection of drinking water once dried, and it is available in 42 standard colours. Solar Gaze® is also backed by a 10 year warranty, however it will protect your roof and look great for up to 25 years. If you want the best protective coating for your roof, then look no further than Top Glaze Roofing’s patented Solar Glaze®.

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Top Glaze Roofing Systems® are a licensed and experienced roofing company that have been servicing Melbourne and its surrounding suburbs since 1987. Top Glaze Roofing Systems are licensed building practitioners with the Victorian Building Authority (VBA). By law, all roofing companies in Victoria must be registered with the VBA in order to uphold a high standard of work quality across the industry and to provide customers with protection from scammers. Be sure to use a registered VBA practitioner to conduct roofing work at your home. To organise a professional assessor to come out and provide a free no obligation roof report and quote for all your roofing needs, call 1800 88 77 98 anytime.


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