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Should You DIY Fix a Roof Leak or Hire a Professional?


Suppose your roof is in need of repair. Suppose you consider yourself to be the “handyman” of the house and decide to save yourself some cash by undertaking the repairs on your own. This is the mindset of many homeowners.

What if we told you professional repairs could actually save your money, your time and provide a safer environment for you and your family?. Roof repairs are unlike any other DIY project you may have undertaken before. It is not the same as sealing a pipe leak under the kitchen sink.

You will be high off the ground, on a steep, slanting surface. You may not have the tools necessary to fix the problem permanently.

Roof repairs are high risk, and there are multiple factors that you should take into account before even considering the DIY approach. Here’s why it’s better to leave it to the professionals.

Think back to your last DIY project and ask yourself how long you really spent on it. Weeks? Months? How many days did you get home and tell yourself, “I’ll start it when I have the time”? Procrastination is inevitable with many DIY projects.

During this time period, your home is vulnerable. If storms hit the area, this could cause additional damage to your home and lead to water damage and leaks throughout the roof, creating a bigger problem than you previously had.

Hiring professional and licensed workers to conduct your roof repair will give you access to the right tools and equipment needed to ensure the job is finished quickly and efficiently.

You are also guaranteed your house will be protected from the weather the entire time repairs are underway.

It seems as easy as driving down to the local hardware store to pick up your standard supplies. The fact is, professional materials are more durable and will provide high-performance, premium protection for your home. The local home repair store simply does not have the high calibre equipment you need to ensure your repair is a long-term solution.

This is probably the most important reason not to attempt a DIY roof repair. Though you may be comfortable with walking up ladders or on a rooftop, there are numerous threats to your health that you may be unaware of, especially if you are inexperienced in working on a damaged roof. One wrong step on a rotten roof deck could cause a collapse.

All it takes is one loose tile or shingle that can cause an accident putting you out of work for weeks – or even months.

Trained professionals are aware of rooftop weak points and pitfalls, making them fully capable of tackling any problem your roof poses in a careful and safe manner. It’s better not to put yourself at risk. We have a wide range of Melbourne roof replacement services at Top Glaze.

When to Call A Roofing Professional for Your Roof Repairs


When a roof leak develops, you need to act fast to fix the leak, or else you risk extensive damage to your home. Even a minor leak can cause extensive damage to your home’s building materials in a short period of time.

What you might think qualifies as a minor roof repair might actually need a full roof replacement. For moderate to severe leaks, you may only have a matter of hours to take action before the damage becomes catastrophic.

When you call a professional roofing company specializing in residential roofing services, you are ensuring that your roof leak will be fixed right the first time around. An experienced roofing contractor has working knowledge and training on working with all roof leak repair elements, from general roofing knowledge to ladders and heights.

While you may be able to replace some caulking or clean your gutters, any roofing projects should be trusted by professionals.

Sometimes, homeowners don’t know best when it comes to their roof’s maintenance, and a small DIY project can turn into a bigger roof repair if something goes wrong. Here’s what typically happens when you call a roofing expert to inspect your leaking roof:

  • Inspection – Through the completion of an inspection, your roofing expert will assess the damage and will go over the roof leak repair cost and the underlying causes of your leaking roof.
  • Roof Leak Repairs Begin – Once you authorise the work order, your professional roofing expert can start on the required repairs to restore the function and beauty of your roof without the risks of DIY fixes. Most roofing companies will cover your home with a tarp to keep rain and snow from causing further damage until the necessary roof repairs are complete.
  • Maintenance Recommendations – True professional roofing companies, don’t want unhappy customers and will always keep your best interests in mind. Your professional roofing experts should give you as much information as possible about your roof and help you come up with an effective maintenance plan to keep roof leaks from affecting your home in the future.

7 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Fix Your Roof Yourself

It’s just a tiny leak and several crumbling asphalt shingles — surely you can fix them yourself, and there’s no need to call for professional help, right? Besides, there are countless videos of roof repair tutorials online, and you can always run to your local hardware to get all the supplies you need.

Looking for roof restoration Melbourne? Look no further! Top Glaze has you covered. 

As tempting as it may seem, do NOT try to DIY your roof. Here are seven compelling reasons why.

You Can Cause More Damage

Roofing contractors have years of experience under their belt, so they know exactly how to fix your roof. You don’t. As such, you may cause further damage because you don’t completely understand the problem.

For instance, you may think that the issue is just one small leak. In trying to fix that leak, you may step on a weak part of your roof, and it may give, getting you literally stuck in an uncomfortable situation. You can also damage your roof by mishandling equipment or by incorrectly doing roof procedures.

You Actually Spend More 

When you DIY, you have to purchase everything — down to every last nail and shingle. And because you might not get things right the first time, there’s the danger of your work falling apart when the wind picks up: when shingles start flying, and flashings get loose, you will have no choice but to bring in the professionals and cough up those dollars nonetheless.

If anything, the only thing you will not be spending on is labour. But then you will still be spending time and effort if you do your own repairs, so you’re still technically spending resources.

You Void Your Warranty

 Some manufacturers provide a warranty on their products under the condition that they have been installed in accordance with proper application instructions. If you damage these products during your little rooftop DIY adventure, you risk voiding their warranty.

You Might Get Into Insurance Trouble

Homeowners insurance policies cover all repairs and replacement if the damage is caused by nature. But if you caused damage to your own house, you might not be eligible for insurance. If you already have a policy and your insurance company finds out that you tried to fix your roof, your policy can be cancelled.

You Can Hurt Yourself

A slip down the slope of your roof can sentence you to a lifetime in a wheelchair; one equipment mishap can cost you a finger. Unless you really want to live your life on the edge, leave roof maintenance and repairs to the professionals.

Your Work Will Not Look As Good 

Unless you have extensive experience in installing or replacing roofs, your lack of skill will likely result in shoddy workmanship and your roof’s poor appearance. While DIY videos make renovations look easy, remember that you simply can’t master a skill without enough practice, no matter how many hours you spend watching a tutorial.

Repairs Can Take Longer

 Assessing the roof, acquiring the necessary equipment, and doing the actual job all take time, especially when you have untrained hands. A roofing job that would take experts two to three days to finish can take DIY enthusiasts up to several weeks.

Surely you would rather be in favour of the former since it’s the much more efficient option: delays only translate to more inconvenience and higher expenses.

When You Can DIY Fix a Roof Leak

Roofing repairs involve using a ladder and working in an elevated environment. If you are not experienced in this area, we recommend that you leave any roofing work to an experienced roofing expert. While not recommended, there are times where you can easily handle minor roof leaks on your own without a roofing professional with a few simple tools and a little know-how. Take a look at our range of roof repairs Melbourne.

  • Roof Leaks Caused by Caulk – If you inspected your roof and noticed the roof caulk was cracked or in poor condition, you may be in luck. To start replacing the damaged caulk beading, you should first make sure that your gutters, shingles, and other roofing materials are in top condition and are not in any way contributing to the roof leak.

After you have singled out the caulk as the problem, you can fully remove the caulk and replace it using industry-proven practices to achieve the best results. If you are not confident in your ability to fully remove, replace, and seal the caulked areas, then it is perfectly fine to leave this job to a roofing professional.

  • Gutter Cleaning – Your gutters are one of your first lines of defence against extensive water damage to your home, like roof leaks, and maintaining them will help stop leaks before they happen. Gutters and downspouts should be cleaned on a regular basis. Pull all leaf litter and other debris out of your gutters and check their function at least once a month to keep your roof draining water away from its surface. Again, while this minor roof issue can be DIY, it is best to hire a roofing professional to make sure your cleaning is done correctly and so the professional can alert you of any other roofing issues.

Benefits of Hiring Professional Roofers

Roof Repair Master Restore

In essence, the roof is a very important part of the house since it protects the house structure, your possessions, and the inhabitants. Whether you want to install a new roof or need any replacements or repairs, you should a contact professional roofing contractor. The following are some of the main benefits of hiring roofers instead of doing the repairs on your own.


Hiring a professional roofer to fix your damaged roof or install a new one is really cost-effective than doing it yourself. Hiring a professional is much cheaper because the roofer is able to get the roofing materials and workforce at lower costs.

If you resolve to do everything on your own, you will incur more costs and probably consume more time. Since professional roofers have the right tools for repairs and installations, you will enjoy the services at low affordable rates.

Equipment and Tools

Installing or repairing roofs is essentially a very hard task.

At times you might experience complications that will require the use of modern and appropriate tools and equipment. Obviously, as an amateur, you will not have all this equipment, and also, you might not apprehend how to use them appropriately.

Also, hiring them can be very expensive since you are also required to purchase roofing materials. Therefore, you should work with professional because they have the right equipment and tools for the work.

Quality Material

Roofers professional roofers know the best quality of materials in the market. That is why you need to hire an experienced and professional roofing company. When you want to install a new roof or do repairs, all you expect is a durable roof.

Since you do not know much about roofing materials, you will definitely need a professional’s help. Actually, this is one of the main benefits you get from hiring professional roofers. Quality materials ensure that the roof stays intact for a long period without replacement or repairs. These professional know the best quality of roofing materials and store that sell the best materials.

Expertise Services

Hiring professional roofers who have in the business for a long period will deliver the best services, unlike doing it on your own. Since they have been working on different kinds of roofs, it implies that they are bound to deliver excellent roofing service. If you need the best services, hire a professional roofer to do the job.


Another benefit that you get from working with a professional roofing contractor is efficiency. A professional roofer is able to inspect and identify the real cause of the problem on your roof. They will then recommend the best way to remedy the problem and get the best results. Therefore, you will be able to achieve efficiency from their expertise, tools, and technology equipment.


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