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9 Signs That It’s Time To Call A Roof Restoration Contractor


For many homeowners, the roof is the most neglected place. Out of sight, out of mind, right? It’s not until something drastic occurs that you need to take action. That’s where roof restoration contractors come in.

How do you avoid leaking, water damage, mould and structural deterioration from destroying your roof and leaving you with a hefty bill for a full roof replacement? With regular inspections, roof repair and roof restoration work.

For newer roofs if there’s a leak or a minor issue a roof repair can take care of it but for older roof that have seen better days a full roof restoration can help you prolong the lifetime of your roof significantly without the cost of a full roof replacement.

Read on to learn when to hire expert roof restoration contractors and what they can do for you.

roof restoration contractors

Why is roof restoration important?

What is roof restoration and why is it crucial? Maintenance is a vital part of responsible home ownership. Otherwise, minor troubles can become major ones overnight; the results are pricey, headache-inducing, and downright dangerous. 

The more extensive the area, the greater the potential harm—and you can’t go much larger than the roof of your house.

Why do homeowners rely on roof restoration contractors?

Experienced roofers recognise issues, like leaks, cracks, mould, mildew and water damage and know how to fix them. Noticed early enough, and you no longer run the risk of having to replace the entire structure.

Besides prolonging the lifespan, roof restoration services keep you safe. Minor damage that causes leaks are quite common, but if not acted on quickly they can result in water damage, toxic mould, mildew and wod rot that can jeapordize the structural integrity of your home and affect your families health. That’s why it’s important to have a professional regularly inspect your rooftop and make sure it’s in good condition.

Hiring a professional helps prevent health risks, additional damage, preserve safety standards, and protect your bottom line. It also brings these benefits:

  • Higher curb value—investing in an elegant housetop increases property value.
  • Safe storm seasons—heavy wind and rainfall may exacerbate any existing damage; sturdy tiles are much less vulnerable.
  • Energy savings—the roof keeps the external conditions outside, so indoor temperatures stay more consistent.
  • Cooling upgrades—modern contractors use UV-reflective paint to prevent overheating inside your home.

9 signs you should call a roof restoration contractor

Is your housetop approaching the 15-year mark? Are you wondering how to tell if your roof needs restoring? Schedule an inspection now, even if there are no glaring issues. If it’s younger, watch for these nine signs that your roof needs a checkup.

1. Roof sagging

Sagging is a cry for roof restoration. Slumping and drooping point to inadequate support and wrecked beams. Heavy snowfall worsens the situation—Victorian and ACT residents know this all too well!

It’s hard to notice sagging from your backyard, but it becomes evident as soon as you climb up. Grab a straight object and hold it at eye level from the curb. If it tilts in any direction, you’re dealing with structural damage.

2. Gutter granules

Shingles break down with age and exposure to harsh weather. Most granules decompose and disappear, but some linger and travel into the gutters. Fine particles line the ducts and prevent drainage.

What’s more, deteriorating tiles lose their effectiveness. Your roof becomes more susceptible to wind, heat, and rain damage.

3. Loose nails

Nails need to remain fixed to provide adequate shingle support. Missing, exposed, and loose ones require the attention of a trained roof repair contractor. Otherwise, shingles may fly away the next time there’s a particularly fierce storm.

Loose and missing nails indicate another costly problem. They leave holes, letting moisture penetrate the attic. You’re soon looking at leakage, mould and overall decay.

4. Shingle damage

Loose and missing asphalt shingles leave room for water, heat, cold, and even wildlife to enter your home.

Even if all tiles are in place, curling and peeling pieces require immediate replacement. Otherwise, you’re looking at insulation issues and water damage down the line.

5. Roof blisters

Poorly-ventilated and isolated shingles lead to blistering, another issue that calls for a roof restoration contractor.

Blisters appear when air and moisture get trapped beneath tile layers. They’re initially unsightly yet harmless, but they eventually develop into substantial leaks if left untreated.

6. Leaky flashing

Most roof builds feature sheet metal flashing. This material is durable, but the Australian climate does a number on it.

The metal loses integrity with time, peeling away from the shingles and letting leaks through. The trouble increases if your tiles are also loose—full-blown dripping’s known to happen once the flashing is no longer watertight.

7. Degraded roof valleys

Valleys run through roof folds and expel runoff. Removing debris keeps them functional for a while, but you can’t stop them from flattening under heavy rainfall and scorching heat.

Once the valley no longer does its thing, leaks and mildew follow.

8. Mildew on walls

A moist and overheated housetop becomes a hotbed for mildew. Roof restoration removes the substance, stops overheating, and prevents a further spread of this fungus.

Look for green and rancid-smelling substances on vinyl sidings and ceilings. A sweltering attic is another telltale sign of a mildew infection.

9. Poor insulation

Numerous factors contribute to heating and cooling bills, but poor insulation is a leading cost driver. A compromised roof allows heat and cold to exit and enter your home, driving your air conditioning costs.

Have a roof restoration contractor inspect the situation if there’s a temperature difference between the top and bottom floors.

It’s not too late to call a roof restoration contractor

If you’ve noticed any of the issues that have been mentioned above, now is the time to take action and book a free inspection with us. A professional roofing contractor will be able to quickly identify any issues with your roof, fix all the existing damage and get your roof back to ‘good as new’ condition.

Don’t wait for the situation with your roof to become urgent. Call us at 1800 887 798 or visit our roof restoration page today to learn more. From there you can book a free inspection with our team and get a no-obligation quote for your roof restoration.


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