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Roof Repairs and Guttering Repairs

High Quality, Reliable Service

Top Glaze performs genuine leak and guttering repairs, in addition to our complete roof restoration services.

Our roof repairs will ensure your home is thoroughly protected in all weather conditions.

Efficient, Excellent Repair Work

Top Glaze tradespeople will work out exactly where the problems are in a leaking roof.

Our roof plumbing staff make a full assessment and evaluate what work needs to be performed to prevent any leaks. Our professionals will:

  • Undertake an inspection to determine whether water is entering via ridge caps, broken tiles or deteriorating gutters.

  • Replace, re-bed and point tiles if necessary.

Top Glaze boasts a range of services, from replacing broken tiles and re-bedding ridge caps to high-pressure cleaning and roof coatings using our unique roof paint. Our tradespeople use only quality Australian-made products to deliver comprehensive services of only the highest standard.

Replacement Options

Top Glaze performs quality guttering repairs or replacement on any home, which can complement your home’s overall appearance while providing a functional, rust and leak resistant solution.

Our team recommends ColourBond® and Ace® guttering, fascia and downpipes.

Our experienced staff are versatile enough to fully and reliably replace:

  • Downpipes.

  • Fascia covers.

  • Concealed gutters.

With Australian-made guttering in 26 colours, you can be confident of excellent performance years after installation.

Thorough Inspections and Free Quoting

Our team undertakes a thorough inspection and before explaining the available options. Our experienced tradespeople recognise every home has different needs and will tailor a plumbing solution to your individual requirements.

You’ll be inspired by the results and pleasantly surprised by the affordability. We have been Melbourne’s leading roofing company for over 30 years and offer unsurpassed value for money.

For more information on our services, or to obtain an obligation-free report and quote, submit a online form or contact Top Glaze today on 1800 88 77 98.

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