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We’ve been trusted in Sunshine for over 30 years. We completed more than 20,000 roof repairs and have seen all the nuances that come with this job. If you’re looking to get high quality work done on a budget then we are your company!

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Repair Your Sunshine Roof & Protect Your Home With An Affordable, High-Quality Roof Repair, That's Guaranteed To Last For 10+ Years

Top Glaze Roofing is here for you. Whether your Sunshine roof has a leak and needs a quick patch or is past due for full restoration, we’re the company to call. With over 30 years of building experience and licensed tradesmen on staff, Top Glaze specializes in all types of repairs-from leaks to shingle replacement! We offer competitive rates with our free estimates so please contact us today.

It is important to have the right roof for your home. They protect you from rain, which can cause serious damage and even dangerous mold growth, while adding beauty and value to a home with newer installations potentially adding significant value. The changes of season make it difficult on any type of roofing system given enough time as problems typically develop overtime but our team can quickly identify them without causing too much disruption in your daily life or routine if they are called out promptly so that long term issues do not occur.

A Custom Roof Repair Fully Tailored To Your Sunshine Home

We know that every roof is different and we are happy to provide a custom tailored repair. We have the experience, knowledge, and tools for any job!

Conducted By Fully Licensed & Insured Sunshine Roofing Experts

We are fully licensed and insured professionals with years of roof repair experience. We take pride in treating your home as if it were our own, so you can rest assured that the job will be done right!

A 10 Year Guarantee On All Products & Workmanship

We're always looking for ways to make our customers' lives easier. We know that you want your home improvement investment protected and so we have a 10-year warranty on all workmanship & material!

You need to get your roof repaired and you have no idea where to start. You’ve tried looking on the internet but pages are overwhelming or the information isn’t clear enough for someone inexperienced with this type of work. We understand that, which is why we offer such a wide range of services from Sunshine repairs all the way down to solar panel installation! So if you want help fixing up your house then call us now because our team can provide fast solutions so that you don’t become distraught in trying solve it yourself again!

We Stand By Our Work Long After We've Repaired Your Sunshine Roof & Left Your Premises

You can count on our team to take care of your most valuable investment. It’s why we believe in providing a 10+ year guarantee for all repairs and keeping things professional with fully licensed, insured professionals.

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The roof of your home is the first line between it and nature. It protects against rain, snow, wind, hail as well as insects like mosquitoes. When water seeps in through holes or cracks you’ll be glad you acted quickly to fix them before they become a bigger problem!

So don’t delay, call our Sunshine Roof Repair experts today on 1800 88 77 98!

Top Glaze is the best choice for residential roof replacement in Sunshine. We can change just about any roof into a new Colorbond® or Zincalume® metal roof, and we are experts at repairing your home’s existing materials as well. Roof repairs don’t always work out – so make sure you find an experienced company to do it right the first time! Our commercial services include guttering installation and complete colorbond replacements on both smaller office buildings as well as large industrial warehouses that need durable roofs with high standards of quality material used throughout every part of their construction process.

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Sunshine's Leading Roof Repair Experts Since 1987, With Over 20,000 Happy Customers Across Victoria

For the last 30 years, Top Glaze Roofing has been restoring and repairing roofs in Sunshine with over 20,000 satisfied customers. We have done this by providing high-quality service at unbeatable prices to all of our happy clients.

Your Roof Repair, Comes With:

Here's What Just A Few Of Our 20,000+ Happy Victorian Customers
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"Highly Recommended"

Testimonial Stars 1 "I’m glad I chose Top Glaze to carry out a roof repair for our home. The tradesmen Matt assigned to complete the work at our home was excellent. Very professional and a job done to our complete satisfaction. Highly recommended for any roof repair job. Thanks Top Glaze."

Frank D
Preston, VIC

"Top Job From Top Glaze"

Testimonial Stars 1 "Top Glaze made a great start when they quoted for the work to our roof. They found flashing around our chimney that was cracked and potentially leaking. They included this in their quote. The finished product speaks for itself. Great people to deal with. Top job."

Diamond Valley, Sunshine

"This Is Simply The Perfect Roof Job!"

Testimonial Stars 1 "From the beginning to the very end of the process I was happy with the way I was treated. The men who manned the display centre were courteous and knowledgeable, the team that installed the safety rails most efficient and the team who did the job of repairing and repainting were simply magnificent. I could not believe my eyes when I saw the finished product. It was simply an amazing transformation."

Kevin F
McKinnon, Sunshine

Our Proven Process For Restoring Your Sunshine Roof To
"Good As New" Condition

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As an experienced Sunshine roof repair company, we want to inspect your entire rooftop so that you can have a fixed price quotation.

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We are so confident in our workmanship, we provide a 10-year warranty on all materials and labor.

We Repair Your Roof To Good As New Condition

This is the final step in our roofing services! Our fully qualified insured team of professionals will remove old tiles and restore your roof to as good as new condition.

We are the leaders among roofing contractors because we’re committed to providing the utmost in service using only the very best materials. We have a proven track record of excellence and offer our services to satisfied clients with over 30 years experience in this industry, as well as your peace of mind knowing that you will be dealing with Sunshine’s top contractor for roofs.

Frequently Asked Questions

At Top Glaze, we have a 24-hour phone service that can accommodate your needs. Whether you need an emergency call for leaky roof or anything else, our team will be happy to assist with the problem and provide you with a quote as soon as possible.

We carry out roof repairs and roof restorations on the following types of roofs:

  • Metal roof repairs
  • Terracotta tile roof repairs
  • Concrete tile roof repairs
  • Colorbond roof repairs

We provide the following roofing services to customers all over Sunshine & the Mornington Peninsula:

  • Roof repairs Sunshine
  • Roof restoration Sunshine
  • Roof replacement Sunshine
  • Gutter & downpipe Replacement
  • Leaf Guard Installation

Whether you have a metal roof, tile roof, terracotta, concrete or colorbond, we can help!

Good question! It depends on a number of factors including the age of the roof, how much damage it’s sustained and what type. If you have tile or metal tiles that are missing some pieces or has minor leaks then simple repairs should do. Whereas if your terracotta tiles is 20+ years old and hasn’t had any maintenance work done to them before this might be an indication that they need more than just basic fixes- maybe all new ones instead?

If you’re not sure what services you need, just contact us and we’ll arrange a free inspection. During this inspection our roof experts will inspect every inch of your roof to assess the issues it has – so don’t worry if there’s something wrong with your gutters or shingles! Our team can also provide recommendations on how best fix these problems as well as give out an accurate quote for all work that needs done.

We’re sorry, but we only provide roofing services for residential customers.  We don’t service business/commercials ones at all!

We are the team that you need to get your project done on time. We service all of Greater Sunshine, including Cranbourne, Frankston, Seaford and more!

When your roof is leaking, you need to call us now! Our friendly customer service specialists are ready and eager to take your call and available 24/7. Roofing emergencies happen at all times of day or night and there’s always someone around for you talk with no matter what time it may be.

Contact Top Glaze Roofing

Top Glaze is the premier Sunshine roofing company, with over three decades of experience serving most of Victoria. They specialise in all types and styles of roofs including Colorbond, slate metal which are popular for their durability and style choices. Top Glaze also offer a gutter cleaning service as well as installing or replacing your current roof if you’re looking to get some more shade up there! Alongside these services they can even install solar systems making them one-stop shop for any type of aesthetic need on your property that could use an upgrade!

We’re here to help you with every type of roofing project, no matter what material. Our tiling experts have experience working on terracotta and concrete tiles as well as slate roofs; our slaters are skilled in installing and repairing all types of slate roofs – including re-bedding, pointing the joints between individual pieces or new installations. We also offer metal roof installation services that include repair work for damaged metals such as downpipes or barge boards!

We Help Thousands Of People in Victoria With Their Damaged Roofs
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Roof Repair Sunshine Done Right!

General Sunshine roofing is the best place for you to find a professional, licensed contractor. We have been in business and working on all kinds of roofs for years so we know how to handle any needs that come up with your system!

Tile Roof Repair

Roof tiles are a popular option for numerous Sunshine roofs, but they have their own set of problems. If you’re experiencing any kind of leakages on your roof or one that’s just not looking as excellent as it once did then tile repair work might be needed to fix the problem before more serious damage is done and costly repairs need to take place.

Roof Leak Repair

Did you know that there’s a point of no return with roof leaks? If water seeps into your ceiling then it can’t just be removed at the surface level, and may lead to structural damage. The sooner we find out about this leak in time for an inspection, the better!

Slate Roof Repair

If you have a slate roof that requires fixing we can assist. While slate roofs are normally durable, they can still end up being vulnerable in specific conditions, such as if they’re not fitted effectively initially and enable weather condition damage to permeate through. The nails that are used to keep the slates in location can also waste away gradually, meaning the tiles can vacate place and expose the roof to water damage. Extreme storm conditions can also damage slate roofs by moving the slates out of place and exposing the roof to weather damage. Slate roof repairs are a specialty of ours and we’re able to offer responsibility complimentary quotes and consultations to repair these.

Metal Roof Repair

Metal roofing is popular in Sunshine, Victoria for it’s price, recyclability, toughness and enormous array of colors. We use only the most dependable steel when all our metal roofing tasks. Our suppliers are renowned for providing tough products that will last many years to come so you can have assurance knowing your brand-new metal roofs will be strong! The safety powder covering makes our steel much more durable than zinc or aluminum items as well as with appropriate installation must last decades to come!

A metal roof replacement will normally take around 1-2 weeks, while a roof repair will typically take 1-2 days. We do all of these jobs in different steps and with the highest standards for your peace of mind because we want you to have an improved home that’s free from leaks at all times!

Downpipe and Gutter Repair

All roofing and gutters will eventually break down over time. Rusty or improperly installed gutters can lead to problems for many Sunshine homeowners.

You might not be getting water flowing properly out of your gutters and downspouts. If you notice any blockages or the slope towards your down pipes is inadequate, please give our office a call to set up an appointment for us to come by and fix it – we’ll get rid of all that rubbish! We also use high quality products on every roof repair job so you can have peace of mind knowing we’re doing everything possible to keep them in tip top shape.

Roof Restoration

When the weather has been especially bad, it’s important to make sure your roof is in good shape. Not only can a damaged or worn-down roof leak and cause damage below but if left untreated for too long these things will worsen over time which could be costly later on down the road! If you’re not seeing any leaks yet, that doesn’t mean they won’t start soon enough so don’t wait until it becomes an emergency situation before getting help from our experts at Roof Repair Sunshine done right!.

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