Never Clean Your Gutters Again With The Top Guard ® Leaf Guard System

Find out why the Top Guard ® Gutter Guard system is the most logical and practical solution for your gutter protection needs.

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Why Are Top Guard ® Gutter Guards The Best Possible Choice For Your Gutter Protection?

Top Guard will never burn or warp like plastic or rust like galvanised steel, it’s the most compatible protection available for Colorbond and Zinclume roofing and gutters.

Suits All Roofing Types And Profiles

The Highest Fire Rating Possible From CSIRO

Perfect For The Collection Of Rainwater

Unbeatable 15 Year Mesh Guarantee

100% Australian Made Product

Available In A Wide Range Of Colors

How Does Top Guard ® Protect Your Roof From Leaves, Debris, Pests & Animals?

Top Guard works by attaching one edge of the mesh to the front lip of the gutter, while the other edge is secured under the second row of tiles. On metal corrugated and deck roofs we use specially designed saddles to secure the mesh on the roof and valley edges.
Here’s What It Will Do For Your Roof & Home:
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Did you know that leaves and debris in your gutters can obstruct water flow and cause serious damage to your home? Worse
yet, insurance companies have been known to reject claims if your guttering is at fault. Keeping your gutters clean and
unclogged with Top Guard Gutter Guards will ensure you’re home and assets are protected…

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The Most Important Thing To Know When Choosing A Gutter Guard System...

What many people don’t realize when choosing a leaf guard product is that the key to an effective product is the size of the gaps in the mesh… If the gaps are too small it will prevent enough sunlight coming in to dry your gutters and can result in moss growing in the mesh. If the gaps are too large lint and dust will keep getting caught in the mesh…
Here’s Why Top Guard Mesh Is Superior:

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