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Leaf Guard

Never Clean Your Gutters Again

Prevents leaves and debris from obstructing water flow and blocking gutters and downpipes

Screens out pests and animals from entering roof cavities and gutters

Extends the life of gutters

Eliminates dangerous gutter cleaning and significantly reduces maintenance.

How Does Top Guard Work?

The Top Guard system is the logical and practical solution for your gutter and valley protection. It works by attaching one edge of the mesh to the front lip of the gutter, while the other edge passes over the first row of tiles and is secured under the second row. On metal corrugated and deck roofs we use specially designed saddles to secure the mesh on the roof and valley edges.

Why is Top Guard the Best Product to Use?

TOP GUARD will not burn or warp like plastic or rust like galvanised steel. The most compatible protection available for Colorbond and zinclume roofing and gutters.

  • Suits all roofing types and profiles

  • Highest fire rating possible from CSIRO and therefore meets council requirements for bushfire areas

  • Perfect for the collection of rainwater

  • Australian made 

  • The mesh aperture is appropriately sized to prevent lint and dust getting caught which can cause ‘sheeting’. Too small an aperture can also prevent enough sunlight to dry gutters and can even result in moss growing on the mesh

  • 15 year mesh guarantee

  • Available in a range of colours to suit most roofs

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