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How to Tell if Your Roof is Leaking (and How to Fix it)


We’ve all heard of disaster stories about storms collapsing roofs and submerging people’s loungerooms in water, but incidents like this are rare. That’s not to say that they can’t happen, but if your roof springs a leak, it’s very unlikely to end up like a scene out of The Day After Tomorrow. Most leaks start off small and gradually get worse, the longer they go unnoticed or unattended. So, what should you look for if you suspect your roof may have a leak? In this blog, you will find out.

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The age of your home is the first indicator of the structural integrity and condition of your roof. Older homes are more likely to have broken tiles or ridge caps, rusted gutters & downpipes, and other issues such as sagging. These issues can cause water to get inside your roof and damage your ceiling and walls. It is important to check the roof of an older home for these telltale signs. Take note of any areas that have sagging or broken tiles or ridge caps and locate those areas inside your home.

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The best indicators of leaks inside your home are discoloured spots or mould on the plaster, as well as sagging ceilings and of course, actual visible leaks, themselves. Chances are, if you see any of these indicators, that the leak is caused by your roof. If you spot these first, then take the reverse approach to the previous paragraph and try to locate the part of your roof that is above where the leak is. Once you have found the issue, it’s time to call in a professional.

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Never attempt to fix your roof yourself, under any circumstances. You could cause more damage, but worst of all, you could be seriously injured if you have an accident. Professional roofing companies have experienced tradesmen who can fix the problem safely and efficiently. Depending on the job, scaffolding and/or safety rails and harnesses are required. It should be every roofing company’s imperative to keep their workers safe, while restoring, repairing or replacing a roof.

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