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How to Maintain Satisfaction and Extend the Lifetime of Your Roof by Undertaking Regular Roof Maintenance


Unfortunately, most things diminish with time, including your roof. This happens as a result of regular exposure to different elements. With time you will realise that your roof has declined in condition. This is why it makes sense to ensure that you perform regular roof maintenance. But what does regular roof maintenance entail? And should you be doing it yourself?


One of the greatest benefits of performing regular roof maintenance is that you will avoid expensive repairs i.e. water-damaged or collapsed ceilings, that might result if you fail to do so. It is important to consider that manufacturers clearly communicate that failing to properly maintain your roof could void your product warranty. Calling for emergency roof repair services in your area might also be difficult and costly. To avoid such scenarios, you should make sure that your roof is well maintained in the right way.


Different roofing materials will require different methods and products to keep them in tip top shape. Terracotta tiles are porous and hold water, so they are more prone to having mould, moss or lichen growing on them if they don’t dry out properly. Metal roofs rust. And cement tiles can crack or move. Also, traditional pointing will crack, and bedding will shift with the movement of your home, displacing or breaking ridge caps. So, what can you do about these issues to prevent them or reduce the chance of them becoming a huge problem?

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Mould, moss, lichen, and algae require wet or damp surfaces to grow on. Porous materials like terracotta, provide such surfaces by holding moisture, there are a few products on the market that can solve the problem, but there isn’t much available in the way of preventative measures. If your roof does start to become a breeding ground for these organisms, you can mix up a product like Wet & Forget and spray it over the affected surface at least 5 hours before any rainfall and let it break the organisms down so you can wash them away.


Another common problem is gutter and downpipe blockage. By regularly cleaning out your gutters and trimming back any trees that overhang your roof, you can extend the life of your gutters and downpipes and prevent flooding which could leak back into your home. Keeping tree branches cut back can also prevent large branches from falling onto your roof during storms and other severe weather events. Regular cleaning of your roof and clearing of overhanging trees also applies to metal roofs.

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When restoring your roof, be sure to use quality products, such as Solar Glaze® polymer coating, which is specifically designed to prevent dust and dirt from sticking to your roof and protects it from harsh UV, wind, and rain. Or Colorbond® steel, which has been tested against Australia’s harshest conditions, as well as fire to give you added protection in bushfire-prone areas. And point your ridge caps with NuBond® Flexi-Point, which moves with your house, to prevent cracking and displacing ridge caps.

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Top Glaze Roofing Systems® are a licensed and experienced roofing company that have been servicing Melbourne and its surrounding suburbs since 1987. Top Glaze has recently become one of the first roofing companies in Victoria to register as a licensed building practitioner with the Victorian Building Authority (VBA). In the future, all roofing companies in Victoria will be expected to register with the VBA in order to uphold a high standard of work quality across the industry and to provide customers with protection from scammers. Be sure to use a registered VBA practitioner to conduct roofing work at your home. To organise a professional assessor to come out and provide a free no obligation roof report and quote for all your roofing needs, call 1800 88 77 98 anytime.


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