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How To Get Your Roof Climate Ready in Melbourne


Over the last 2.6 million years, Earth has gone through alternating warm periods and cold periods (ice ages). The transition from the end of the last ‘cold’ period to the start of the current ‘warm’ period saw global average temperatures rise by 5°C over the course of 9,000 years. Shockingly, in just the last 113 years, global average temperatures have risen by 1.2°C, due to carbon emissions as a result of human activity; a staggering 25 times faster than the last natural warming cycle.

The 2019/2020 bushfires that devastated many parts of Eastern Australia, including Victoria were a disaster waiting to happen. Photo: Dan Himbrechts/EPA

With the global human population exploding from approximately 1.79 billion in 1910 to almost 8.12 billion at the start of 2024, our impact on the environment and the global climate cannot be understated and new solutions are constantly being invented to try and negate the problem. Fortunately, the Australian roofing industry has already made strides to try and safeguard people’s homes for the future, with new, sustainable roofing methods, products, and technology.

janus 1
Tony Jannus piloted the first commercial air flight on January 1, 1914. Air travel had a massive impact on the world’s population explosion.

One such product is Top Glaze Roofing’s own Solar Glaze® protective coating. Solar Glaze® is a crosslink polymer resin, designed to protect your roof from dirt, moss and lichen, extend the life of your roof tiles and act as an excellent insulator, keeping your home cooler in the summer and warmer in winter. Solar Glaze® won’t blister or flake like other roof coatings, as it expands and contracts with Australia’s harsh weather conditions. It also contains Teflon to inhibit dirt retention and a biocide which prevents the growth of moss and lichen on your tiles.

dji 0233
Solar Glaze® is specifically designed to withstand both hot and cold conditions, making it an excellent choice for coating your roof. Photo: Top Glaze Roofing Systems

Flexi-point is another product designed to be climate ready. Unlike regular roof pointing, which cracks and breaks, Flexi-point expands and contracts with the temperature and the movement of the building. Flexi-point comes ready to apply over a 4:1 yellow brick sand/cement bedding mix. It can be smoothed off for a beautiful, steeled finish and weepholes can be inserted once the product has cured.

dji 0231
Flexi-point is easy to apply and expands and contracts with the heat and cold. Photo: Top Glaze Roofing Systems

Valley Seal is a compressible bitumastic strip used to seal the valleys. It prevents water and vermin from entering the roof space through the valley line. When the cuts are lain onto the Valley Seal it compresses and forms a seal that reduces the possibility of storm runoff overflowing the valley. Being bitumen impregnated, Valley Seal actually adheres valley cuts to the valley iron. Valley Seal is a low maintenance product that should last the lifetime of the valley.

dji 0238
Valley Seal prevents water and vermin from entering your roof via the valley line. Photo: Top Glaze Roofing Systems

Lastly, Nu-Bond® sealer is a carbonated styrene latex containing non-staining antioxidant. Unlike some of the newer products listed above, Nu-Bond® has been used extensively by the building industry for over 20 years as an admixture for cement and concrete applications. Nu-Bond® is not affected by wet conditions and performs well in freeze/thaw stability. Nu-Bond® provides an excellent base for roof tiles, and substantially improves the compression, tensile and adhesive strength of cement and concrete mixes, making it a game-changing choice when it comes to climate proofing your roof.

The roofing industry is constantly evolving and innovating to provide you with future-ready and climate-ready solutions to protect your roof, and Top Glaze Roofing Systems® has been at the forefront of these changes. Top Glaze Roofing Systems® are a licensed and experienced roofing company that have been servicing Melbourne and its surrounding suburbs since 1987. To organise a professional assessor to come out and provide a free no obligation roof report and quote for all your roofing needs, call 1800 88 77 98 anytime.


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