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How To Choose Colorbond Roof Colours?

One area most people don’t think about when building or renovating their house is the roof. After all, you rarely need to deal with this part of your home on a daily basis, right?

It’s true, your roof protects you from the elements! Without it, Mother Nature and all of her friends would have their way with both you and everything else in your house. Make sure to keep an eye on any loose shingles or other clues that signal a problem so we can fix them before they turn into even bigger issues down the line.

One of the best roofing brands in the market is Colorbond. If you’re looking for a paint with great coverage and durability, Dulux has licensed to bring all their colors to your color palette! And if there’s anything that can be said about this brand it would have to be its variety- not just in new metal roofs but also old ones too!

With so many colors on the market, choosing a Colorbond roof can be difficult. You may have to select from any option available and you will want every color that is offered. So don’t! Choose your perfect choice for your home by considering what it looks like now as well as in 5 years time when its performance has been tested over time.

You can’t pick your roof colour at random. If you choose a color that doesn’t match the architectural design of your home, or if it conflicts with restrictions in your neighbourhood, the curb value of property could depreciate and even lead to fines and penalties!

Colourbond roofing is an exciting and convenient option for many homeowners. Choosing the right colour can be a difficult task, but that’s where we come in! With our range of colours to choose from at Top Glaze Melbourne Roof Repairs, there’s never been such good reason not to get your house looking its best with some new Colorbond shingle or tile roofs.

Why Roof Colour Matters?

It seems that almost every new home in Australia has a dark colored roof, with the majority ranging from grey to black. While they may blend into the landscape better than a light coloured roof, it’s certainly not as good at keeping temperatures livable inside of your house. The best thing about having an all-white or natural color on top is how well it reflects sunlight and provides heat for those chilly winters!

Roof Colors

The reason goes back to basic school physics of course—black (or dark coloured) surfaces absorb a great deal more heat energy than do white (or light coloured). Indeed, when the temperature in your house reaches 80°C on a hot day it can be very uncomfortable.

The heat that is caused by your roof can be a big problem. Your ceiling will reach 50°C in the summer if you do not insulate properly. A good way to know whether or not insulation levels are sufficient, touch your ceiling on hot days like these and feel for yourself how much hotter it feels than outside air temperature would suggest!

Black roofs are a common sight in Australia. However, the reason so many homes have black roofs is less obvious than you might think. After doing some research I found that there are at least three main factors to this problem – poor insulation, air leaks and lack of ventilation

The first is that many people prefer the look of a dark roof because, as mentioned earlier, it blends into the surroundings better. However this all depends on where you live – in an area with lots of greenery for example- darker roofs will blend less and be visible from much further away than lighter ones would.

The second factor seems to be the building industry. Unfortunately, this can lead to trends being set based on what they perceive customers want (which is not always how things are perceived). A great example of this is halogen downlights. Builders install these environmental disasters because they are cheap and attractive – even though there’s a high running cost that does nothing for an average home.

Dark roofs are a result of the two-part cycle that builders and customers create. Builders install them because they think their customers want them, while their clients put up with dark roofs for fear of being left behind by what everyone else is doing. When people see other buildings have black or gray tiles on top, it seems like part of the norm to do so themselves–even if nobody actually asked in the first place! Sometimes color choices matter more than aesthetics when trying to find an easy way out.

People are often swayed by what the “building industry” does, so people also want dark roofs. You probably didn’t put much thought into this decision process either! Fortunately, we’re here to help you make an informed choice and save money in the long run with our innovative light-colored roof options that will keep your home cool year round.

Life will be frustrating if your roof is not in tip-top shape. Thankfully, Top Glaze has you covered with a wide range of services to keep the house cool and provide protection from harsh weather conditions!

Choosing the Right Roof Color for Your Home

Getting a new roof is so exciting! It’s a chance to completely revamp the look of your home. But choosing a new roof colour can be a scary decision because you will live with your choice for a long time. Where do you start? Here are several things to consider before making that final decision.


There are many reasons to be a shingle-saver. You might not know this, but color can affect the temperature of your attic by 20 degrees! This is important because it could save you in heating and cooling costs for your home. Light colored roofs deflect sunlight which helps keep temperatures down in hotter climates while dark colors absorb heat so families stay warm.

Colour Coordination 

Different colors have their own moods, and the tone of voice should reflect that. A light color might be calming while a dark color may appear strong or powerful to someone who is sensitive to them. Experiment with different tones for your shingle colors until you find one that feels just right for your home’s personality!


Personal style and preferences of course should factor into your decision making. Whether or not to “make a statement” with an unusual color combination for exterior painting, or more traditional are things to consider. Remember that one thing is certain: Your roof can impact the way your home looks as well as how much it will resell for later on down the line!

Architectural Design 

The architecture of your home should not be overlooked. Dark colors can make a house seem smaller, whereas light colours will expand the appearance of it. The best way to see what color would look like is virtually or in person as Owens Corning has an online tool that allows you to visualize different roofing options for houses similar to yours!

HOA Rules 

Keep in mind that homeowners associations and subdivision rules may have restrictions on the color of roofing supplies. It is also a good idea if your house blends into its surroundings, or at worst clashes minimally with nearby homes.

Colour Availability

We can help you find the colour shingles that are available near you. Give us a call today!

4 Ways to Choose the Right Roof Colour

Installing a new roof can be an exciting time. You have the opportunity to change your home’s look completely, especially if you choose GERARD roofs! There are many aspects about choosing that need consideration before making up your mind on what style and colour suits your house best. Check out our range of roof restoration services here. 


The best way to achieve an eye-catching home is by choosing a colour scheme that matches the architectural style of your house. If you are building a Mediterranean or traditional styled house, then opting for colours like peach and brown will give it that classic look. You can also create bolder contrasts with colors like reds and purples if you want something more modern looking in comparison!

The roof is the most important part of a house because it provides protection from elements such as rain and snow. Different colours can have different effects on your style, so make sure you’re aware! Darker colors are great for modern homes where warmer tones might be more appropriate in traditional or Mediterranean styled houses. If you want to know what color will work best with your home’s design, just ask one of our professional designers – we’ll match up whatever look suits your preferences perfectly!


All new roofing tiles look beautiful. Almost all of them, at least! But we can say without a doubt that most products have an exciting color range and lovely shades to match your tastes. What you need to know is the warranty for these colors as well as their shelf life – they may not hold up against extremes like extreme heat or winter cold with ice and hail if it’s outside of what this product was made for originally .

Despite the fact that your roof is looking a little bit shabby and you’re starting to think about when it might be time for an upgrade, have you ever considered waiting 10-15 years? This way your roof will match the beauty of GERARD’s natural stone chips. These stones are selected specifically because they can withstand water, UV rays from the sun or acid rain with ease! They’ll look like new even after decades without any need for replacement!


Choosing the right color for your roof is not always in our control. To avoid fines or negative consequences, ensure that you check with your permits and follow local regulations when choosing a color. Communicate well to prevent any issues between architects and authorities!


It is important to consider the color of your roof when you are converting a space into living quarters. Lighter colors such as white and blue will reflect sunlight, making it cooler in summertime while darker colours like black absorb heat that can make an attic unbearable during long hot summers. Black shingles sheathing was ten degrees warmer than whites ones but there wasn’t much difference between greys or browns.

Understanding the Difference in Temperature and Cooling Properties of Roof Colours

Choosing the right roof colour is more than just an aesthetic consideration. It can also impact how warm your home feels inside, so it’s important to research this aspect of a material before you buy.

But how can it do that? And how can you choose the right roof colour to help you achieve the desired temperature for your home? To help get this process started, we will explain some of our favourite colours and their cooling properties.

Roof color can be a way to make your home more efficient. Lighter-colored roofs reflect the sun’s rays, which means that they keep you house cooler by just few degrees! This is good for both cooling and heating systems because it lowers electricity bills while also ensuring maximum efficiency at all times.

The heat from the sun is not only felt on your skin but also seeping into your home. Dark-colored roofs can make matters worse by absorbing more of this damaging solar energy and radiating it back indoors, leading to higher electricity bills due to increased cooling costs.

Difference in Temperature and Cooling Properties of Roof Colours

You’ll enjoy your winter bills with a dark-colored roof, since it keeps the temperature inside warmer than usual. This means that you don’t have to use as much energy for heating and consequently see lower electricity charges during these months.

The snowmelt on your roof isn’t just a nuisance. It has an effect on the temperature inside of your home, too! Darker roofs absorb sunlight more easily than lighter-colored ones do — which means that they’re hotter and melting leftover snow faster.

I know that this is an easy mistake to make, but during the winter season your roof will be covered with snow and so it won’t appear dark. Snow can also prevent them from absorbing any sun’s rays because of which they might not melt away any faster than usual!

Do you want the roof of your home to be dark or light? There are many factors that come into play with this decision, such as how much sun will hit it and if there is an eave for shade.

The best colors for your roof depend on where you live. If it’s hot or warm, lighter-colored roofs are recommended since they help cool the house down faster than dark ones do! If you are wondering which of the Colorbond colours fall under this category, these are as follows:

  • Dune
  • Evening Haze
  • Shale Grey
  • Surfmist
  • Classic Cream
  • Pale Eucalypt
  • Paperbark
  • Cove
  • Windspray

Darker-coloured roofs may help reduce the cooling costs for house owners living in areas with colder climates. If you are wondering what the Colorbond colour options that you can choose from for this purpose, here they are:

  • Basalt
  • Gully
  • Ironstone
  • Jasper
  • Mangrove
  • Monument
  • Terrain
  • Wallaby
  • Cottage Green
  • Deep Ocean
  • Manor Red
  • Night Sky
  • Woodland Grey
  • Matt Basalt
  • Matt Monument

You should consider what colour roof you want for your house. A lot of people don’t know that the temperature and cooling properties is only one factor to take into consideration when choosing a color. We will talk about more factors in our next section!


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