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How To Choose A Professional Roofing Contractor — Top Glaze

One thing every home absolutely needs is a good roof, it’ll protect you from hot summer sun to icy downpours and everything in between. So, when it comes to choosing a good roofing contractor, you want a professional team that knows what they’re doing. Luckily, finding the best company or contractor doesn’t have to be difficult or stressful. Whether you’re getting your roof repaired, restored or replaced, the following tips will guide you to help you choose the best roofing contractor in Melbourne.

1. Check Their Online Reviews

Word-of-mouth recommendations can give you a lot of reassurance when hiring a roofing contractor. If a company has barely any reviews online then they’re probably just starting out, that’s not necessarily a bad thing but when it comes to roofing, experience matters. At Top Glaze, we’ve been around for over 30 years now and have hundreds of 5-star reviews across Google My Business, Facebook, ProductReview.com.au and Word Of Mouth. We’re a little biased but we think that counts for something… We have hundreds of raving reviews because we do quality work that’s on time and on budget.

2. Ask About Insurance and Licenses

Every professional roofing contractor you talk to should have the correct licensing and insurance for your state or territory, so ask for proof before you allow them to start working on your roof. To protect anyone involved in the project and your home, liability and workers comp coverage are must-haves. Hiring anyone who can’t or won’t show you the proper documentation puts you at risk.

3. Commit To A Timeline

Whether the roofing job will take four weeks or four days, it’s essential that you agree to a clear timeline so both parties know how long the process will take. Setting clear expectations and deadlines is the sign of a professional roofing contractor. Talk through estimated completion dates and milestones. You’ll also want to make a note of any days you have to be home during the job and when you can schedule a final walk-through.

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